Prep guides in French, German, and Japanese

We make exams in lots* of languages. but we haven't always made the info about the exams available in other languages. So you good people can take the exam in your own language, and probably find books and courses and everything in your own language, but to learn about what's covered on the exam, you'd have to follow along in English on the prep guide.

We're catching up a little and have just published prep guides in

  • German

  • French

  • Japanese

    So tell your German, French, and Japanese-speaking exam-taking friends to check it out. I think Spanish is coming next. But don't quote me, boy, I ain't said sh**

    * For example: we are publishing exam 70-640 in English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional), Russian...

    **I have been listening to a lot of Eazy E this week

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    1. Peter Read says:

      And there’s me having done them in english…

      Do we get anything extra if we do them in e.g. french as well? 🙂

    2. Pierre says:

      thanks for the info, i just posted it on my blog! i’m sure some readers have been waiting for it for quite a while…Ok maybe not that much readers (afterall i have very few of them, regardless of the language, lol).

      But thanks anyway for my fellows french citizens who have a hard way getting things done in anything too far from Moliere’s native language.

      best regards to you, just sad i couldn’t make it to the lunch invite!!!


    3. Mike Mulcare says:

      **I have been listening to a lot of Easy E this week

      I like the DH version –

    4. Trika says:

      Yes, Peter. you get a hat that says "Certified, le Geek"

    5. Trika says:


      The sadness is all on our side of the ocean, my friend.


    6. Trika says:

      PS, why doesnt anyone correct my spelling? i spelled soylent green wrong before, too.

    7. Thomas says:

      Speaking of localized exams – Is there any reason why the German exams in the MCSE track have questions about SUS (sic!) when the same exams in English ask you about WSUS, which makes sense if you think about when SUS was deprecated.

      And a hint for those who are actually localizing the questions and possible answers: There is a Microsoft style guide for any given language as well as a bunch of standard translations stored in so called "glossaries".

      It’d be ace if you’d use these resources rather than making up your own translations for certain things.

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