Great to hear from you.

Hello, customers,*

Thank you for your nice e-mails and comments. You are fun customers to have. To wit:


Dear ,

i have seen one of your videos regarding vs 2008 beta exams.

i like your wa of presenting ..things..

keep rocking..

bye bye 



Keep rocking, yourself, my friend.
Keep rocking.. things..


*and non-customers Mary, Tyler, and Megan who sometimes read this blog

Comments (3)

  1. Keep rockin’, allright! Don’t forget your Guitar Hero 😉

    Any news on the 71-625 and 71-626 Beta exams? I took them on Valentine’s Day (how romantic!)


  2. Megan says:

    I don’t sometimes read this blog. I ALWAYS read this blog.  Even though approximately 0% of the content pertains to me…

  3. says:


    I believe that makes you a dork.

    La la la

    which is why i like you la la la


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