no official diagnosis of death by blogging

Here I am, putting my life on the line, at risk of blogging until I drop, just to let you know that you can now find a list of our certifications by technology in addition to the list by name that we've had up for ages. There will be some usability studies and what not to come up with better ways for you good people to find certification information when you come to, but in the meantime we hope this helps. I think it is a good place for new people to get an idea of what certifications are out there that make sense for their technology expertise or desired role.

If you have suggestions for the 'by technology' page let us know.

The use of 'people' twice in this post provoked a new mini-poll. Your thoughts?

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  1. jtb says:

    Yes.  I’m sad about Charleton Heston, too; but I wouldn’t have picked the one movie he made with the star of "The Rifleman" to make a poll about…  😉

    Assuming that was a pun (Chuck Connors = The Rifleman, Charleton Heston = former NRA President), or have I just accidentally absorbed enough useless TVLand knowledge over the years to justify becoming part of the subject of your poll?

    I think I need more coffee…

  2. Niall says:

    Completely off topic.. the MCLC can it be awarded to non MCTs where the MCP develops a learning solution for company or companies.. and by learning solution I mean a review of the company needs and devising a plan based on those needs?

  3. Trika, you picked my second favorite Heston movie ever (The Omega Man, tops). My affinity for strawberry jam has waned over the years, but I though my mom was serving me a very precious treat as a child, all due to this movie.

  4. Trika, always willing to take one for the team!

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