I got 99 problems

But the number of certified professional page ain't one. Looks like it was just updated last week. Sorry for the delay from the last update; our friend Suzy, who does all the work around here, was double checking some suspect numbers. No eye contact; nervous laughter, you know the type.

Oh, don't mind me, piquing your interest with three bullet points as follows:

  • 754 people certified on OCS
  • 18 on Virtual Earth
  • 7,377 on WS2008 Active Directory

Speaking of Suzy. Something fun we're doing is investigative reporting. Next week we are going to take exams to find out exactly what you are getting from us, communications-wise, so we can compare to what we think happens/what we'd like to have happen. It will be very Magnum PI! If you see a red Ferrari pull up to the Bellevue Community College test center, and you see two ladies get out, and you notice they have 80s mustaches and look kind of like this:


Then it just might be us, investigating.

Comments (10)

  1. Edwin says:

    Seems there are no numbers of certifief profs available for:

    MCITP: Enterprise Administration

    MCITP: Server Administration

    Or is it my looking at the wrong place? (one)

    Or to early perhaps? (two)

    Thx Anyway,


  2. Mohamud says:

    I got one problem with the MCP member site.  If I try to download an XPS or PDF file of my transcript, it says "We are sorry… An unexpected site error has occured.  The problem has been logged and will be investigated. For additional assistance, please contact your regional MCP Service Center. Thank you for your patience."

    I wish you could investigate this problem for me.

  3. Why not list the Dynamics numbers as well?

  4. Lars Haupt-Hansen says:

    It seems Microsoft should learn to use tables better as the certifications are in one cell and the numbers in another, so due to line breaks they will not be align in narrow windows. But if you make the window wide they will align as expected 🙂

    And Visual Studio 2005 Tool for Office is missing.

  5. Shawn says:

    Do everyone a favor and really pay attention to the quality of the testing software.  I think you’ll be surprised at how clunky it is and all the murmuring about prometric software will start to make sense.

    Think about it this way… all the hard work that Microsoft does is quickly undone by the frustrations of the software.  Sure it is workable and thousands of people have completed tests.  But you’re trying to convince people that certified testing is the bees knees.  Only professionals here – IT professionals!  Here, take a few learning courses first.  You’re so smart.  Well on your way to a promotion.  Don’t worry, free retests!

    Oh, the testing software that looks and works like it was written by an intern in a couple of afternoons… don’t mind that…

  6. Andy says:

    If you’re going to play the role you might as well do it on a full stomach; http://krispykreme.qm4.net/shared/images/44/44_20080311004024.jpg

  7. Alice says:

    Finally, another update! 🙂

    I have commented before about the older certs that are left off (mostly to no avail), but I have an additional concern now…

    Both the previous update and this update have not given specific dates of currentness. IIRC (not totally sure since it’s been a while now), updates before those had given specific dates of when the data was compiled, not just the date that the page was edited (and incidentally, the edited/’updated’ date doesn’t seem to correspond exactly with the date of public publication).

    The page says "These numbers are current as of March 2008." I would really like to know exactly when in March! For example, "March 26, 2008", or whenever. There’s a rather significant difference between March 1 and March 31.

    Trika, can you please try to get an exact date for this update’s data currentness, and get them to include the date in future updates?

  8. Suzy says:

    Trika’s partner in undercover exams Suzy here.

    There are several steps involved in pulling, reviewing, and publishing the information on this page. Therefore, there is a lag time between the "numbers are current as of" date and the page "updated" date.

    Furthermore, the page "updated" date is the date that the Web production team edited the file, which can be one or more business days before it is published to the public.

    Our goal is to get the most current and accurate data and publish it in a timely manner. We do listen to your feedback and implement it whenever it is feasible. And most of all, we’re glad you find the information interesting.


  9. hartplaza says:

    Hi Suzy,

    Could you also get the PRO exams listed? Like for Exchange there are 2 PRO exams needed to become MCITP Messaging

  10. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    R, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! No, no exam data. too much! it’s too much!

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