My dream closet

In my dream closet, folded nicely next to my I heart Live Writer t-shirt, I have a t-shirt from this place.

I also just remembered that I have, in my utopian closet of dreams, a dress that has tiny text embroidered around the hem. It says, in petite, fuchsia lettering, ...your beta results. i'm happy you passed! but please do not ask me about your beta results. i'm happy you passed! but please do not...

Oh, this old thing?

I've had it for just ages.

Comments (4)

  1. as says:

    They didn’t warn you about that when you took the job, did they?

  2. Adrian says:

    They probably hid it in back of the contract somewhere… in small writing.. or under a stamp…

    " might get the odd post about beta results, once a year or so.."

    Besides, Beta results were SO 4 posts ago, tell people to move with the times!

  3. Larry Uribe says:

    ohhh… thanks for your betas exams!! 🙂

  4. jtb says:

    "By the way, have you got beta results for…"


    Oh, so THAT’s the sound of one hand clapping…  


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