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That's right. Still kicking this dead horse, just in time for TechEd. We now have a mini-poll on the very important topic of your hat-slogan-suggestions. Please vote. You'll note that the Certified by Chuck Norris suggestion is included in the poll,* but we can't actually put it on a hat because we'd probably get sued. Certified Where it Counts is also included in the poll, but we can't put it on a hat because someone might say "I'm not sure that is appropriate, young lady," and it would sound a little like my mom, when they said it.

Looking forward to your votes so we can wrap this up, for once.


* You should also note that Chuck Norris can strangle you with a cordless phone.

** Per our man Larry: “BTW, I chose 1857 because there was a "Panic of 1857" and since certified people help out in panic situations, it subtly suggests that the wearer of the hat can help out in computer panic situations.” A subtle suggestion, indeed, Larry. The two other IT pros who majored in US history will love it.

Comments (14)

  1. Hunter says:

    1. Certified like it’s 1999

    2. Certified and living in a box

    3. Certified, fool!

    4. Certified and lovin it!

    5. Certified, no fillers!

    6. Certified organic.

    7. Certified but affordable

    8. Certified, it’s gravy

    9. Certified? You? Seriously?

    10. Certified, hey where’s my MCSE?

  2. Kent says:

    Hey don’t be knocking us IT Pros with Masters degrees in History…  I am sure there are at least three of us.

  3. Fred says:

    We wanna know 647 and 646 results!

  4. prb6022 says:

    Certified…And All I Got Was This Stupid Hat

  5. In order:




    Can I get those "Super-Sized" as well? Pls k thx.

    btw. Welcome back to blogging. <- like I have room to talk.

  6. Ohh!

    Certified, Super-Sized

    See how that worked. Genius.

  7. Robert says:

    What happened to the "Certified, So Give Me A Raise" idea from October of last year?

    I would actually buy a few of those for the guys in the lab if they were available.

  8. Dennis Rubery says:

    "Certified ‘Hat’" or "’Hat’ Certified"  of course there is no choice for "Certified ‘Cap’" as this is Microsoft; The exact verbiage is never there when your looking.

  9. Greg Tomsho says:

    Make the hat red and we can make it "Red Hat Certified…".  Uh-oh, is that a dirty word?

  10. Actually, you’re the first one to call me "subtle." Lately I’ve been called many other names.

    I did double major in history for a while (I have about 30 quarter hours undergraduate credit), but then I realized that there was no future in it. 🙂

  11. Kris K. says:

    Sorry Trika. I voted and skewed your results (just once – honest). There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist.

  12. This is the subject line of an e-mail I got from my manager last week. He somehow came across the numbers

  13. Mahmoud Magdy says:

    I liked 7 and 9 in order, cool idea

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