Beta results for 71-646 and 71-647!!!

I do not have any information about beta results for 71-646 and 71-647!!!

The live versions are due out in a few weeks (if you want to know exactly when, sign up here), and as far as I know no beta results have been posted yet. Hopefully they'll be published sometime before the first week of April when the exams go live. If you must know immediately, check with Prometric daily to see if they have posted results yet (I do not think that seems very fun), or watch this post (I'm sure someone else will be checking daily and let us know when results start to show).

I hope you passed.

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  1. mkj says:

    Nice one πŸ™‚

    I guess that’s what you call "creative marketing" πŸ™‚

  2. Peter Read says:

    Not there yet.

    I got 2 vouchers I’ll hopefully be able to use for something more fun than re-taking these ass they were a little harsh….  πŸ˜‰

  3. Les says:

    Check Prometric daily? I check more often than that!!! If I didn’t pass, I want to make sure to take them as soon as they are available. Thanks for the information.

  4. Yanze says:

    No results yet @

    And yes, I’m checking it daily too … no fun indead …

  5. Daniel says:

    Bad joke :-/


  6. Dhiogo Ramos Brustolin says:

    Thank you the answer.


  7. Greg Smith says:

    Trika!!! that was evil!

    I actually checked mine today (no, no results…) but it’s on my calendar to start checking as of next Monday…

  8. Anthony says:

    Hella Trika,

    Would you know when WCF/WF Beta Result are done?

  9. Lukas Beeler says:

    Trika, you’re mean. When i read the headline in my feedreader i didn’t even bother to read your post (that was mean of me) and directly went to Prometric.

    Ah well. A collegue of mine is still waiting for his 70-643 result. It changed from "Tested" to "No Show" a few days ago. That sounds a lot worse than "Tested".

  10. Stephen says:

    Trika, you made by day! and then stole my cake! Looked at the heading and though YES finally, but alas still have to wait. I have been checking prometric twice daily, oh’well back to…..  again

  11. bob says:

    damned prometric.

    i read this thread and wanted to look for my beta exams 646, 647, 625 and 626. but all i can see is an empty history πŸ™ on friday night all my testet exams were listed. prometric sucks. sorry men, but this is not funny. phone support isnt available 24/7 so i wrote an email. hope my beta exams will return in the history before the life version of them will start. anyone out there how knows about such errors with prometric.

  12. Helmer says:

    O.M.G. You almost gave me a heartattack!!!!

    I’m checking almost every hour during the day…and just when I’m NOT checking I thought you were telling us here that the results are there…OEffff….they’re NOT.

  13. Helmer says:

    @Lukas B. Hey dude…you were invited to come to Seattle because of your result of the 646 and 647…so you probably PASSED them πŸ™‚

  14. Yeah, Prometric sucks.

    Vue is 100 times better than prometric, very bad technical support with a stupid web site and a very bad testing engine.

  15. Marek says:

    i was just checking some exam info on vue and im really shocked by the performance and look and feel compared to prometric, prometric looks like some ancient excavation

  16. ebratz says:

    Prometric sux… Vue was much better…at vue, you buy a exams in a few clics, and manage them much better too…Now, let’s wait the results… I Think this delay is another Prometric "undocumented feature"… πŸ˜›

  17. Adrian says:

    Vue = Old and Busted

    Prometric = Brand New Hotness.

    Move on People!! πŸ˜‰

  18. R says:


    Sorry, but no one will agree with you.

    I know im going off topic, but Prometric really has a bad website.  I had a problem logging in and the only way to get support is sending an email to the webmaster.  After a week, I got an email saying that they couldnt resolve me issue.  Their website is awful.

  19. Heber Dias - Brazil says:

    Maybe the easter bunny will bring my results!

    I hope so!  πŸ™‚

  20. Adrian says:

    @R. Yeah I know, Im only playing πŸ™‚

    Perhaps they will update the site soon.

  21. bob says:

    hey guys,

    email support is not very effective. i waited 2 days before i called teh phone support today. prometric quite got funny problems there. but the phone support, I find personally very friendly and extremely competently. my opinion!

  22. Nope, just checked and no results yet. Keep on checking guys! My guess would be end of next week actually, so I will not check hourly.

  23. bob says:

    iam just checking every day this blog. think thats enough πŸ˜‰

  24. Peter Read says:

    I really wanted to hate prometric, given almost everything I’ve done with Vue went so well.  Sure, by preference I’d go Vue if both were still available – their software and website are infinitely superior.  

    But my experiences over 4 exams with Prometric haven’t been too horrendous, it’s mostly their website that winds me up.

  25. hartplaza says:

    I have to agree with Peter Read. Done a few exams with Prometric so far. The website certainly needs improvement.

    Sometimes the software, when doing an exam, seems to slowdown (starts hanging). Then you have to wait (with fingers crossed) a few seconds, to see the next question. I’m not sure it’s the software, or the hardware. but I can remember that testing with VUE was on the same hardware, and they didn’t have that problem.

  26. Yanze says:

    *lol* @ emailaddress … that’s so 1990 πŸ˜€

  27. jtb says:

    When I had a problem with a VUE site, they resolved it quickly and sent me a shirt.  Prometric seems to be a bit less concerned…

    C’est la vie, eh?

  28. Olavo says:

    VUE rocks, everytime I needed support I could get it from the online support feature, and usually my problem would be resolved in a few minutes. Prometric, on the other hand, is extremelly inferior, I had already needed to do an international call to USA (I’m from Brazil) to solve an simple issue, since e-mail support seems not to work.

  29. Larry says:

    And when will be the results for exam?

    2 weeks more??

    Larry from chile.

  30. Peter Read says:

    I was hoping this side of the equinox but I’d give it another week or so…

  31. Chance says:

    Yay!! More Prometric bashing and I-told-you so’s…

    Everything was so clear cut with Vue.  Ease of site navigation, helpful staff at the call center, wider availability of testing centers…the list goes on…

    Having now dealt with Prometric, I’ve found the experience outside my local testing center (Same one I used with Vue.  The staff there is AWESOME!) to leave quite a bit to be desired.  Heck, the Prometric site doesn’t even take you straight to candidate history page even after you click on Candidate History!

    It’s been over 6 months since the change to Prometric, so where’s the "improved experience" we were told we’d get?  No "thank you for testing with us" email, no post-exam email from Prometric (got one from MS though!)…at least the phone support is ok, but I haven’t had a REAL problem yet, so we’ll see there.

    Personally, I think Cisco was right to go with VUE as their sole partner.  

    However,  If I have to test with Prometric, I guess I’ll have to go with what’s there.  I certainly hope the new testing technology works as well as MSL is touting, because server 2k8 exams are coming up soon for me!

  32. as says:

    Well, I’ll be in the minority here but I’ll go ahead anyway. My first experience back with Prometric was… unpleasant (usual suspects: computer freezes, trouble setting up, etc.).  The center I test at (same on I used with Vue) was frustrated and so was I.

    Since then, I’ve taken 4 more tests there and they’ve all been absolutely flawless experiences.  Maybe it has more to do with the testing site staff than the vendor…?  Just a thought.

    As for the website… yeah, it’s not the best laid out design, but it does the job (e.g. I can register for a test).  Prometric’s phone support has always been helpful and courteous.  

    Was I happy about the switch?  Nah, I always thought the "improved experience" line was bunk, and I like having choices.  As it stands now, my testing experience is exactly the same as it was with VUE.  Just my .02.  

  33. Peter Read says:

    Thing I really miss about Vue – being able to get a list of centres by distance from you, rather than having to go to google maps (or whatever) to see where the heck they are.

  34. Jane says:

    Hartplaza – Yes, I have now had several Prometric tests on the same equipment at the same testing center where Vue tests run fine with no lags, and the Prometric tests are TREMENDOUSLY slow.

    I sit there for *several minutes* waiting after supposedly starting the test before I’m actually able to start (and without even a message that makes sense, like "loading exam, please wait x amount of time countdown" – I don’t recall what its wording is instead, but the first time, I thought something was wrong), and then after all that there are still delays in between every question.

    Lukas – Re: "A collegue of mine is still waiting for his 70-643 result. It changed from "Tested" to "No Show" a few days ago. That sounds a lot worse than "Tested"."

    Something definitely went wrong there. I’m pretty sure everyone who didn’t have problems has their 640/642/643 beta results already by now.

  35. Alice says:

    "Jane" should be "Alice", whoops… be careful when other people have used the computer with autocomplete enabled.

  36. Martius says:

    Nice 2 see that nobody has yet passed the examens but sure they know how to bitch about Vue and Prometric!!!

  37. Peter Read says:

    yup, I think most of us have at least a BA in the subject πŸ˜‰

    Although I wouldn’t call mentioning a useful feature that the now sole provider doesn’t provide bitching, I’d call it feedback.  Perhaps I’m just picky.

  38. Kent says:

    Just one more network engineer in the long list of those waiting for the result…  My problem with Prometric is stil testing avaiability only three testing centers in the whole state with none on the Western half is a bit ridiculous.  Right now you have to schedule yourself nearly 4 weeks in advance to secure a seat.  Gone are the days of the call up and same day testing.

  39. Garethave already been ready says:

    I don’t know whether it’s just me or whether the prometric situation is different in the UK. I’ve always used Prometric as there are few VUE sites near to me. I’ve never really experienced any issues having taken 20+ exams in the last ten years. The exams have always been ready when I’ve arrived at the testing site and have completed without issue.I’ve  never experienced a delay in results other than with beta exams and I suspect that has more to do with establishing the pass mark than with Prometric’s technology.

  40. About 71-643:

    "Dear Candidate,

    Our records indicate you have recently taken a Microsoft Beta, 071-643, examination. Unfortunately, technical issues have prevented us from being able to score your beta exam. Due to this, we will need to schedule you to take the live exam at no cost. Please contact your Regional Contact Center and schedule your appointment using the Prometric Registration Number emailed to you. This number will also be present in your Prometric Testing Account and can be referenced to the Customer Service Representative during your call.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

    Prometric strives to provide the best possible service to our testing candidates. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future."

  41. Chance says:

    A couple things that I think should be pointed out.  First, the staff at the testing center make all the difference in the OVERALL testing experience.  If you have knowledgeable people there who can react to any problems quickly and not just someone occupying a chair at a desk and pretending to make sure nobody’s cheating, then any problem you have can be taken care of quickly.  Secondly, I don’t think Prometric quite gets it.  They seem to be concentrating on getting the new testing software out there rather than actually working on that in tandem with the actual customer service aspect.  As I said in an earlier post, I haven’t had a REAL problem yet (e.g test crash, lag, errant reporting), but apparently there have been many that have.

    If anyone took the 621 beta (MCDST upgrade exam), you’ll remember that Vue and MSL handled this in the best way possible – a simple beta reissue and free retake.  Granted, it was due to an exam rewrite and not lost results.  Now folks have to wait until the exam goes live to retake it?  Sounds like a "ummm…..crap.  we lost your records and now we’re going to have to make you retest on the live exam" situation to me.  

    Rob, look at it this way, at least the retake will be free.  

    The problem is that it seems like the "Sorry for the inconvenience" voucher is becoming more the norm ever since Prometric has become the sole exam provider.

    Availability has also been another issue.  The biggest reason that Prometric has a wider availibility in my state now is because the state community college system was alerted to Microsoft’s change in exam providers and made efforts to get Prometric in every testing center they operate (about 14 throughout the state).  My suggestion is that that if you have a testing center operated by a state-wide organization, approach the director of the local center and tell them about the problem.  I’m sure that if a community college teaches a technical program with Microsoft cirriculums, their bound to know that if they have a Vue only testing center, then they will proboably want to consider adding Prometric.

    Besides, what ever happened to the whole "testing center within 30 miles of every mid-size city" thing anyway?

  42. Les says:

       First of all, let me say that this topic was about news on the beta exams, 70-646 and 70-647.

       And B., let me say that I am very happy with Prometric and Vue. Their websites are different but navigable. I have had good luck with both sites. I prefer Prometric because the testing center is close to me. Vue is a little more inconvenient because of the 20 miles drive.

       Thirdly, I have not had any "lost" tests, nor any real issues and don’t expect to, both testing companies are professionals.

       Finally, I will deal with whatever decision the companies make for testing. Some have chosen Vue, some Prometric. Makes me no difference, other than Vue is easier to type.

    p.s. Thanks Trika for this blog.

  43. sean says:

    I just want to know when the results will be posted.  I thought when I saw this entry last week there was some hope of an update, but no.

    The only difference for between Vue and Prometric is navigating the website.  Vue is easy from the main page, Prometric is very confusing and once you find your way, bookmarking is essential.  

    The Prometric site where I took my PMP exam was terrific and nicer than any VUE site I have ever used, but i’d prefer to register with VUE.

  44. bob says:

    does anyone know when the beta results for the 625 and 626 will be released.

    (Vista Home Theater Certification)

  45. Jim K says:

    I’m still showing at tested for 625, 626, 646 and 647….

    Which is better than "Failed" but not as good a "Passed".

  46. Mohamud says:

    Nice marketing!  This entire thread was meant to confuse people that are anxiously awaiting for the beta results of 646 & 647.  The title should’ve been "No beta results yet …"

    And posters took it to another level Vue vs Prometric.

    I can volunteer to be a moderator here in exchange for free exam vouchers or a picture with Trika.

  47. Daniel Shlyam says:

    I do not think anyone will ever get the scores by just waiting…

    I have just called Prometric @ 800-853-6769 or 800-775-3926. Naturally, they told me that the results have been sent to Microsoft and that Prometric web site will NEVER report anything other than "Tested" status.

    So I have called Microsoft at 800-636-7544. The rep there told me that Prometric has never sent my exam results data to Microsoft.

    At this point I conferenced in Prometric and upon further discussion Prometric promised to resubmit my scores to Microsoft again.

    Prometric wasn’t even aware that the beta period has ended for these tests and they don’t send the scores until it does. I think this may be the cause for the scores not to be transmitted. (Or a simple lack of care by all involved parties.) At different times Prometric rep claimed that the scores were never submitted or that they were submitted long ago, so it’s hard to say who’s at fault here, Microsoft or Prometric, but I’m the one holding the bag.

    In any case it will now take Prometric 5 to 7 business days to resubmit the data. (Quote β€œβ€¦There are many people in front of you asking to do the same thing. There is a process that Prometric results team must follow and this cannot be expedited.”) Microsoft said it will take them 4 to 5 business days to update my profile once they get the scores. I didn’t ask why it takes 5 days at this point…

    I suggest calling the numbers above and request the score resubmission if your situation is similar to mine. Otherwise you can be waiting for a very long time…  , Make sure to get the names of reps and case IDs (both Microsoft and Prometric).

    P.S. This is just my editorial on this:

    This whole β€œprocess” or lack of thereof is totally ridiculous. I spent my time to take these exams, and the very least that I can expect is to get my scores.

    Trika, with all the best intentions in the world, suggested checking Prometric site for the results. Prometric says the results will NEVER be posted there. Microsoft says they haven’t gotten the results. Prometric say it’s Microsoft who lost them… The amount of misinformation in such a simple workflow is unacceptable.

    IMHO, in consideration for my time taking these beta exams, the least Microsoft should do is to assign someone to follow up on the scoring for everyone. As an example, I attend focus groups sometimes and I get paid about $100/hour for it. I don’t expect Microsoft to pay me for taking the beta tests, but some courtesy in getting the results to me would be much appreciated.

    I don’t know what the final result of my ministrations will be, or if I’m just running down another rabbit hole, but at least now that I escalated the issue myself. Hopefully, now someone will look into this.

    Daniel Shlyam

  48. Ray Aslin says:

    Trika, before we all flood the call centers with phone calls concerning the info in the last post…could you look into it for us and tell us if indeed we all need to be calling Prometric, and MS.

    thanks, and thanks for giving us this forum to discuss this, and contemplate the meaning of life and value of test providers.


  49. Stephen says:

    I have taken beta tests before. On the Prometric site, the beta tests I failed remain "Tested", the beta tested passed changed status to "Passed".

    The beta exams never appear on my Microsoft Transcript unless I have passed the exam.

    I suggest we all have a little patience, both Prometric’s and Msoft’s sites will update in due process. It takes a while but hey the test was free, so if you pass great :-), if you fail you had a free look at the exam and know what type of questions to expect when you retake it, its a win win for me.

  50. Bibble says:


    My tests from Beta have always updated on Prometrics site a few days before microsoft get it.

    If you have passed, prometrics website will be the first place to tell you…

  51. Daniel Shlyam says:

    I really hope the test results will post.

    If this will in fact happen, then the process is even more broken. As I have posted above I was given completely opposite information by multiple representatives by both companies.

    It’s not the posting or not posting of results, but misinformation that frustrates me. I can wait until results post, but I need to have the faith in the system, which is waning rapidly right now.

    If anyone thinks that what I went through today is normal and/or acceptable, then I apologize and will try to adjust my expectations of both Prometric and Microsoft.

    Daniel Shlyam

  52. Ed Crowley says:

    Mr. Shlyam, if this process gives you heartburn, then I recommend that you avoid taking beta exams in the future, because the timing and lack of feedback you’ve experienced is par for the course.  I’m also not surprised that you got what you consider to be misinformation because the Prometric folks who answer the phones aren’t really clued into the beta process.  You won’t see anything except "Tested" on Prometric until the beta review is completed and the test is scored, and the Prometric folks have no idea when it will happen.  That proces can take ten weeks or more after the close of the beta.  Then it’ll take a couple more days to be reflected in your MCP transcript.  I waited a year for my first beta exam results (it was the TCP/IP 4.0 exam which should tell you how long ago that was) and ended up having to call to get credit, which is why you’re instructed to keep your receipt.  There was no Prometric website back then to check hourly and agonize over my status.  Since then every other beta I’ve taken has proceeded just like this one has so far.  So, there’s no reason for you to panic; you’ll find out when you find out.  If you don’t see your results for a while after people post that they see theirs, then maybe you’ll need to whip out your receipt and call Prometric.  As you’ve learned, it won’t do you any good to call them before that.

  53. says:

    Prometric will be the first place to post your results (PASSED or FAILED). We hope to get the results out before the exam. An efficient rule of thumb is to look for your results after the exam goes live (in this case, the first week of April). After Prometric scores your result, they transfer the data to us and we update your transcript.

    I recognize that our Prometric/Microsoft call centers are not well educated on a) this process b) particular beta situations. We will have the process published on and reeducate Prometric/Microsoft on how to help you when you call about a beta.

  54. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    I passed all Exchange 2007 beta exams but I can’t get the MCITP charter cert.  The 071-238 exam result arrived my online transcript 11 months after the exam, more than half year after the exam went live.

    Sometimes we really need to call the supports, or Trika, for help.  For exam 646 and 647, it’s not yet the time to call.

  55. YES, 646 is processed on the prometric site and I PASSED.  647 will hopefully be scored soon too.

  56. Packetboy says:

    woohoo i passed 646 also!! It just came up as they were both Tested this morning.. fingers crossed for 647…  geez i better hurry up and do a vista exam.. πŸ™‚  congrats to you Kay..

  57. says:

    YEaah….I also PASSED the 646! Hoping the 647 score will show up soon too! πŸ™‚

  58. Sean says:

    Failed my 646, but I didn’t have a chance to study before I took it, so that’s no surprise.  I have already passed the Exchange exam as of December and would like to take 646 and 647 as soon as I can (now that I have used the Server product).

  59. Yeah 646 passed too !!

    Hoping 647 !

  60. Larry Uribe says:


    I PASSED 71-646 TOO!!

    IM MCITP: Server Admin Win2K8

    My status for 71-674 is Tested.

    I’m the first on get the certification on Chile



  61. Frank says:

    71-646 PASSED too!! 647 still "TESTED", but.. YEAH!!!

  62. I am pleased to say I also managed to pass 71-646, but getting one result without the other is almost worse than the original tease of this thread πŸ™‚

    I must admit I am not alltogether confident the next result for 71-647 will be the same for me…

    Congratulations to everyone else who passed.

  63. Packetboy says:

    congrats to everyone else who passed…

    thats interesting Scott because I felt i did much better on 647 than 646…. i thought 647 was definitely an easier exam… i might have to eat my words tho if i fail it haha

  64. Anselm says:

    And I thought that i would have been first to post on the results release. Congrats to all that passed 646 (me included) and hope 647 is released soon.

  65. Daniel Shlyam says:

    I passed both.

    I will try to be more patient next time. πŸ™‚

    Daniel Shlyam

  66. Edith says:

    Jupiiieee, I passed 71-647 !!! But 71-646 shows still "tested"; maybe because I took 71-646 about 12 days later than the 71-646, will see.

    Greetings to everyone

  67. Edith says:

    Jupiiieee, I passed 71-647 !!! But 71-646 shows still "tested"; maybe because I took 71-646 about 12 days later than the 71-646, will see.

    Greetings to everyone

  68. Greg Smith says:

    Woo Hoo. 646 pass here too!

    Waiting for -647….

  69. Ok I have just discovered i Failed the 647 so I was right in my assumptions

    So a score of 1 all not bad i suppose πŸ™‚

  70. Yeah, 646 and 647 passed πŸ˜€

    congratulations for everybody πŸ˜‰

  71. Kjetil says:

    Yes! πŸ™‚ Both passed.. whyho.. a good day!

  72. Peter Read says:

    Passed both, hurrah!  Celebratory drink I think! πŸ™‚

  73. Adrian says:

    Passed both too!! Im Psyched!


    9:00 AM Pro: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator NEW HORIZONS IRELAND Microsoft

    071-647 PA4LON5201 Passed 21-Dec-2008


    9:00 AM Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator NEW HORIZONS IRELAND Microsoft

    071-646 PA4LON5200 Passed 21-Dec-2008


    How can I tell if Im the first to get in my country? Anyone know?

  74. says:

    How many MCITP Win2k8 Server and Enterprise Admins are there in the Netherlands!?

  75. Peter Read says:

    Don’t know but those kind of stats would be interesting (number of each, by country if poss)

  76. Packetboy says:

    whoohoo I passed 647 as well!!  so thats 2/2 wow now i need to book 620 or 647 doesn’t mean much!!

    congrats to everyone else…

  77. Sebastian says:

    Wohoo! I passed 71-646 and 647! T Thought, one of those would be fine. But both, can’t believ e it!

  78. Peter Read says:

    If you passed 647 I wouldn’t worry too much about 620! πŸ˜‰

  79. Yessssssssss, i am now fully 2008 certified 646 and 647 PASSED !!!!!

  80. Packetboy says:

    is it just me or have most of you all done 620 to satisfy the client side of EA? Maybe I should have done 620 before these results but I am hoping what Peter said is true and 620 should be a walk in the park…

    Damn must start studying tonight!! 620 here i come..

  81. Bibble says:

    Passed both!! So pleased. I hate the wait but hell is it worth it πŸ™‚

  82. Peter Dost says:


    Passed both, I almost can’t believe it! Just great!

    Kind regards

    Peter Dost

  83. Lee... says:

    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-Ay, Enterprise Admin coming my way…

    HEROES happen {here}. Well done everybody, and thanks for putting up with us Trika, we do care you know, we just don’t always show it!


  84. wheelca says:

    Congratulations to those who passed.  I was stupid and canceled my registrations because I didn’t feel like I was ready to take them.  I really wish I had just gone ahead and done them.

    Today is a very good day for me.  My results for 642 and 643 were released 3 weeks ago.  640 still showed as "Tested."  After getting the run-around from prometric and mcphelp, Trika was able to help me out.  It showed up as Passed yesterday on prometric and is on my transcript today.


  85. Kent says:

    ‘nother MCITP here…  646 only (couldn’t schedule 647), but having one MCITP in Server 2008 should be good enough in my organization.  

    How about a "Certified. Charter Member" or "Certified Certification Junkie" hat?

  86. Pieter Tielemans says:

    Helmer: Passed both (and in the Netherlands…)

  87. Lukas Beeler says:

    Passed both. From Switzerland. Yay! πŸ™‚

  88. Helmer says:

    Congrats Lukas πŸ™‚ Did you really expect you failed them btw?

    ps. why aren’t you on the picture with Trika? πŸ™‚

  89. Steve says:

    passed both…good luck to everyone!

  90. Steve says:

    passed both…good luck to everyone!

  91. Erik Pit says:

    I also passed both exams in the Netherlands πŸ™‚

    Congrats to all that passed the exam(s)!

    Microsoft thanks for the opportunity to

    do both exams!



  92. warwickjames says:

    I also passed, here in Sydney, Australia.

    MCITP – Server Administrator

    MCITP – Enterprise Administrator

    I was holding onto a couple of vouchers for these exams, but now I can use them for MCITP – Vista Consumer and the BDD exam.

    I like. Is nice.

    Thanks to all!

  93. Thaek says:

    Also passed both! πŸ™‚ (Switzerland)

    Grats to all!

  94. Daniel Shlyam says:

    Got both exams show up on my transcript, but not the certs. I’m waitin’… πŸ™‚

  95. Greg Smith says:

    Daniel – same deal here.

    I expect they may not until the exams go live; that said, I want ITP certificates, Charter Member stuff, and eCompany Store gear like, yesterday.

    It’ll all come in time.

  96. warwickjames says:

    Both on transcript and at the top in the certs area… then popped over to the ‘welcome kit’ area, and ordered the charter kits for both ITP certifications.

    So, it’s all going live for us beta testers, early for once!

    Congrats to all!!

  97. Peter Read says:

    I guess this just leaves SQL 2008 and the SC Pro exam before I can take a break πŸ˜‰

    Thanks to Trika and all involved in the process,

  98. My Beta Results show PASSED for exam 71-646 and 71-647!

    Congratulations to everyone who passed and me!

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  99. Pier says:

    I also passed both exams in the Netherlands πŸ˜‰

    Congratulations to all that passed the exam(s), Microsoft thanks for the opportunity to

    do both exams en the results πŸ˜‰

  100. Packetboy says:

    wow is MS certs really huge in the Netherlands or something?

  101. says:

    @Packetboy : yeah indeed…..we are really into getting certified πŸ™‚

    @Henny : CONGRATS man!!

  102. Daniel Shlyam says:

    Transcript is fully updated for me now. Shows both MCITP Server and Enterprise Administrator now.

  103. Larry Uribe says:


    3:00 PM Pro: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator UNO CENTRO DE EDUCACION Microsoft

    071-647 PBELAM516B Tested 16-Jan-2009

    11:59 PM Receipt


    3:00 PM Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator UNO CENTRO DE EDUCACION Microsoft

    071-646 PBCLAM514E Passed 14-Jan-2009

    11:59 PM Receipt

    71-647 TESTED!!!! ???

  104. Larry Uribe says:


    3:00 PM Pro: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator UNO CENTRO DE EDUCACION Microsoft

    071-647 PBELAM516B Tested 16-Jan-2009

    11:59 PM Receipt


    3:00 PM Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator UNO CENTRO DE EDUCACION Microsoft

    071-646 PBCLAM514E Passed 14-Jan-2009

    11:59 PM Receipt

    71-647 TESTED!!!! FAILED???

  105. Ed Crowley says:

    Same with me–647 still shows Tested.

  106. Alessio says:


    9:00 AM Pro: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator ELEA SPA Microsoft

    071-647 PA9DUS508B Passed 26-Dec-2008


    10:30 AM Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator EIDOS SISTEMI DI FORMAZIONE SRL Microsoft

    071-646 PA9DUS508E Passed 26-Dec-2008


  107. Carsten says:

    Still both only "Tested". A bad sign? πŸ™

  108. Zyman says:

    My "Candidate History" on the Prometric website no longer even shows that i even took the beta exams. What happened?

    I suppose its better than "Failed" but I would like to know what happened.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  109. Edwin says:

    I Passed both 071-646 & 071-647

    The status has (just) been changed in passed for both exams.

    Thanx a lot

    An congratulations for everyone who also passed the beta’s.

  110. R says:

    Congrats to everyone!!!

    I didnt take them so I have to start from the begenning or try taking the beasts 648-649…

  111. So…


    anyone have his status to FAILED on prometric for exams 71-647 or 71-646


    70-647 is now test on

  112. Ed Crowley says:

    Don’t panic, Larry.  People have reported getting "Failed".  I also have one "Tested", on 70-647, with a "Passed" on 70-646, so I called the MCP people and was asked to e-mail a scan of my score report to them.  I’ll report back with what they say after they respond.

  113. Larry Uribe says:


    Thanks Ed Crowley !!!

    I’m take to ravotril (clonazepam) now! ahahahaha

    Regards, Larry


  114. Larry Uribe says:


    Thanks Ed Crowley !!!

    I’m taking to ravotril (clonazepam) now! ahahahaha

    Regards, Larry


  115. Larry Uribe says:


    Thanks Ed Crowley !!!

    I’m taking  ravotril (clonazepam) now! ahahahaha

    Regards, Larry


  116. wheelca says:

    Don’t panic too much if yours still shows Tested.  My 640 test showed Tested for 3 weeks after the results were supposed to have posted.  Contact and and they SHOULD be able to help.


  117. jguillet says:

    Just found out I passed.  Yes!!!  The streak remains unbroken.


  118. Ed Crowley says:

    I received a response saying that they’re working on my problem and to expect to see it resolved in 3 to 5 business days.  You might want to scan your score report (you know, the one you got after taking the exam that has no score on it!) for the exam that’s showing up as "Tested" and send the file to with an explanation of your problem.  Good luck!

  119. Hello,

    I still have these two exams indicated as "tested".

    I suppose that I will have to ask for results directly to Prometrics, as I had to do for other recents Beta !!!


  120. FS says:


    can you give us an update about whats the current status is? Is the scoring process still in progress, or is it completed and the guys that still have tested (i am also one of these guys) on their candidate history should call the prometric hotline?

    again, thanks for this great blog and the opportunity to attend suchs betas!


  121. Olavo Borges says:

    Passed both 71-646 and 71-647 πŸ™‚

    Brazilian newest MCITP SA and EA =)

  122. Ed Crowley says:

    Prometric won’t be able to help you.  Follow the steps I described in my last post.

  123. bob says:

    @Ed Crowley

    were did u get your score report? i also passed only the 646. did prometric send out score reports for the beta exams?

  124. Ed Crowley says:

    Based on my past beta exam experience, Prometric will send you a score report.

  125. Alessio says:

    and, after the prometric report, here are Microsoft email that i received this morning:

    Congratulations on your exam success!

    Congratulations on passing Microsoft® Certification Exam 646 – Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator. Your exam results have been received by Microsoft and your records are currently being updated to reflect this information. This exam will be associated with Microsoft Certification ID XXXXXX. To ensure you receive credit for all your exams, please use this ID number when you register and take future exams.

    alessio, rome, italy

  126. Paul says:

    passed both

    Paul, Hong Kong

  127. bigstyle says:

    I am still waiting for the result, is it normal ?

    The exam status is still to "Tested"

    I was thinking that we will have all together those results


  128. Tony H says:

    70-646 and 70-647 are on the Prometric site, so Ladies and Gentlemen… start your credit cards!!!!

  129. Kai says:

    Hi bigstyle,

    my result is not available, too. The status still shows "Tested". I know some other colleagues, who have the same problem.


  130. My status still show TESTED!!!

    and I’m receive a mail that says: "Exams 70-647 and 70-646 PRO Windows 2008, on Prometric Available NOW"


    Tested = Failed



  131. Andrew Hodes says:

    Tested doesn’t equal failed.  I called Prometric and they said that there must have been some problem with the results file for my exam, as both beta exams have been re-scored.  If yours still shows as "Tested" call and ask to talk to candidate care… the first liners I got when I called couldn’t help me, but the person I spoke with in Candidate Care was able to start working on the issue.

  132. tbessi says:

    My status still show TESTED!!!

    and I’m receive a mail that says: "Exams 70-647 and 70-646 PRO Windows 2008, on Prometric Available NOW" + voucher 40%

  133. says:

    Tested does not equal failed.

    Sometimes scores get stuck and they have to do some jostling around to get them to process.

    My recommendation is to give it a week or so. If you still have "tested" on your report on April 10, send me an e-mail with your MCP ID, Name, and Test center location and I’ll make sure someone responds to you. I’m pretty sure that you’ll get your result and/or someone will be in touch with you before then anyway.

    If you want to contact the helpdesks now, you are welcome to!

  134. bigstyle says:

    I have contacted Prometric support. They will ask for Microsoft to update the results. It will be done in a couple of days and I will be noticed by email πŸ™‚

  135. Edith says:

    Passed – finally got the result for the 71-646 today!

  136. FS says:

    Same over here, got the results for the 71-646 …

    now waiting for the 71-647 πŸ™‚

  137. FS says:

    Same over here, got the results for the 71-646 …

    now waiting for the 71-647 πŸ™‚

  138. Larry Uribe says:

    My status still show TESTED!!!

    and I’m receive a mail that says: "Exams 70-647 and 70-646 PRO Windows 2008, on Prometric Available NOW" + voucher 40%

  139. FS says:

    you received that mail because you registered to the "when will all the exams be available newsletter". this has nothing to do with your result πŸ™‚

    just relax and wait as usual in betas (i know, its hard, i am also nervous about it everytime)


  140. Thomas says:

    646 passed, still waiting for the 647 results (tested)…

  141. Same result and situation for me…

  142. Thomas says:

    still waiting for the 647 results

  143. tbessi says:

    Still waiting for the 647 results


  144. ... says:

    Same situation …

    Microsoft can’t help and prometric is just incompetent …

  145. Hello,

    YES!!! I finally also passed the 647!!!

    When asking Prometric for beta exam results, they answer that it needs 6 to 8 weeks. The right answer should be simply 10 to 12 weeks.

  146. Thomas says:

    647 passed, too! Yeah, I’m happy πŸ™‚

  147. bigstyle says:

    I have just received the 70-647 results (Passed, youhoou) but I am still waiting for the 70-646 certification result.

    Some people are still in the same situation ? (result avaiable only for 70-647 and not 70-646 ?)


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