What do you think.

No, really, what do you think? My friend in our marketing team asked me* to post this. We are "looking for feedback from MCPs on Second Shot and certification. So not only those who took advantage of the offer but those who heard about it but didn't act..." This survey has 12 questions, is all, would love it if you'd take one or two minutes to respond, will help us do a better job for you, hopefully.

What do you think?

*Actually asked me a long time ago and I forgot, I'm sorry, B.


Comments (12)

  1. Adrian says:

    Its such a great offer, speeds up my exam times by two to three weeks at least. I pay for all my own exams so I dont like the risk in failing them and losing the 140 euro.

    I like it

  2. Easiest survey yet. I think I passed.

  3. Adrian says:

    I still havent got my results yet…do you know if there’s a delay?

  4. Andrew says:

    Please bring back the technet offer ya’ll’ll had   last year.. pass= free technet subscriptiontion

  5. Jim K says:

    False Advertising Trika….

    It was 13 questions, not 12 😉

  6. R says:

    Excellent offer.  Should be extended until June 2009 😉

  7. slarochelle says:

    Will you share the results when survey is done?

  8. hartplaza says:

    I didn’t need a second shot on this survey. I’m also interested in the results. Please share them when they come available?

  9. as says:

    I love leading questions.

    Q) What do you think of the second shot offer?

    1) I love it.

    2) I love it and want to marry it.

    3) I love it, want to marry it and want its babies.

    4) Other

    *This may be a slight paraphrase of the question*

  10. Alice says:

    I completed the survey, and I’d like to add a seconding to "extend Second Shot longer" and "please share the survey results". 🙂

  11. Alice says:

    Oh, and another suggestion: Please make Second Shot compatible with other offers.

  12. If you missed the MCP newsletter this morning, here’s some news: the Second Shot offer is back on as

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