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Exam 70-401: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, Configuring is available as of a few days ago, making it possible for you to earn your MCTS: System Center Configuration Manager certification in addition to the MCTS for Operations Manager that came out in January.


Things you guys have recently asked include:

What about a certification for Data Protection Manager or other System Center solutions?
What I hear: "We are working on the future plan for System Center exams and more details will come out later this year… but at the moment, nothing else to announce for other System Center solutions like Data Protection Manager. However, we are working on a Hyper-V certification that may include VMM, at a minimum." More on that soon, too.

Will there be a related job-role certification? 
A professional-series certification for the operations role is in consideration, as I think we've mentioned before, but the details aren't all worked out. If and when this certification—an MCITP—is announced it will likely require one or both of the System Center MCTS (Operations Manager, Configuration Manager) certifications as part of the path. There is nothing scheduled in this area through June 2008, so don’t sit and wait by the phone.

Can 400 or 401 be used as elective credit for other things?
Both 70-400 and 401 will apply to your MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2003. This isn't showing up in your records yet, I don't think, but it will apply retroactively when they update the database rules (I believe this should happen in the next week or so).

What is the Bikram Challenge? 
The Bikram Challenge is a made-up challenge where I go to hot yoga three times a week. 

Three times a week doesn't sound like very much. Should the Bikram Challenge be more challenging? 
No. It is hot, man. Really, really hot in there.

Comments (19)

  1. Peter Read says:

    Aww I want a pro level SC exam 🙁

  2. David C. says:

    I can’t see this exam on the MCT exam discount site, is it gonna be added sometime soon?

  3. Mary says:

    Hello, your BFF Mary here, keeping up on my System Center certification news and excited to add to the list of things discovered in NYC: five – FIVE! Stores exclusively devoted to ribbon, on 38th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues.

    Firecracker disco!

  4. says:

    Peter, have some cocoa. You’ll feel better.

    David, don’t know. WIll fwd your comment to MCT people.

    Mary, that is so many ribbon shoppes on one block, this just in, I love it. I have just added that as an item on my list of things to do on next visit to NYC. It is below this item: Visit BFF.

  5. Garth Jones says:

    I reading blog post in my hotel this morning before going for breakfast. I noticed that Trika has posted

  6. Garth says:

    Trika, any chance that you could post the number of MCTS: System Center Configuration Manager and MCTS: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007?

  7. Adrian says:

    @Garth Jones, Tip: never post pre-breakfast coffee, that made no sense… 😉

    @TrikaMary, how can you have a one store let alone FIVE devoted entirely to Ribbon?!? Who buys that much ribbon.. EVER?

  8. Garth says:

    It’s Jetlag… 😉 I’m in the UK for a week.

    Let’s try this again…

    Can you post the number for certified people there are for each certification, really all I want to know about is 70-400 and 70-401 exams?

    Now, I off to the pub, for a pint. 🙂  (really I off to find a USB powered scanner, then maybe a pint)

  9. Peter Read says:

    Garth – make sure you get a real beer, not any of the stuff we normally give the tourists 😉

  10. says:

    Adrian, you are offending my ribbon-loving sensitivities.

    Garth, my friend Suzy is trying to get that last updated and posted. Hopefully those will be on the list when it is updated. PS if you are in London, there is a top notch ribbon shop in Marylebone called VV Rouleaux, I recommend it. If Adrian makes fun of you for going, just igore him.

  11. Garth says:

    Sorry Trika, That was last week I was in London, this week I’m in Birmingham. 🙂

    Are there any good ribbon shop here? I will be in Redmond in a few weeks so I could drop off any ribbons that you want.

  12. Adrian says:

    @Trika, I am sorry, no ribbon-loving offence was intended. I just didn’t realise that it was in such high demand… It probably goes back to my ribbon deprived childhood, where only the real good presents were entitled to gold or red ribbon..

  13. I really believe that certifications should come with a nice beautiful ribbon 😉

  14. Eli says:

    I passed 70-400 and i noticed that i did not get charter Membership Feb 20.

  15. dr00 says:

    "It’s hot in here", hmm, sounds like a good song title. LOL, is that what that song was about, hot yoga?!?

  16. Jane says:

    Trika, I have a request/suggestion…

    It seems that for many of the relatively-recently-released exams (including this one), MSL has not bothered to put the exact release dates on their prep guide webpages. (And there’s some that were never even updated to confirm that the release actually happened, just "is expected to be" several months ago.)

    I would sure like to be able to see the actual release dates for all of them! 🙂

  17. Alice says:

    "Jane" should be "Alice", whoops… be careful when other people have used the computer with autocomplete enabled.

  18. john says:

    looks like the pass/fail for both are on prometric. I checked this morning and it went from tested to passed on both.

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