Wee list of exams that will retire in 2009

Here is the list I've seen kicked around for exams that we'll announce to retire in a year+ from now (to retire in 2009). We'll include a notice in the MCP newsletter when it is published and official, but thought you might like to know what's coming. Don't hold me to this, please. Things always change on me. Nothing is safe around here.

Not even one wee list.

Why you might care, or why someone you know might care: this list includes SQL Server 2000 exams--at least one of which that has been available for 41 years, to date--that contribute to an MCDBA and .NET exams that tie to MCAD and MCSD. The MCAD, MCSD, and MCDBA will not retire or be removed from your transcript when these exams do, but you will no longer be able to earn them if one of your required exams retires. So you have a little more than a year to finish those credentials, or git 'er done, as we say in the biz, if you hope to do so, starting now.



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  1. tarul@hotmail.com says:

    Is there any update(new version) exam planned for 70-301?

  2. gerryo says:

    Over the past couple of years, we have seen many issues/complaints about our certification(s) on MSF.  Version 3 is still likely being used by lots of organizations and they may or may not transition to MSFv4.

    One of the things that I don’t want to do is jump into a refresh of 70-301 and not create an appropriate certification.

    The issues that are faced here are the fact that MSFv4 has two core directions, Agile or CMMI.  As a result, you can’t test someone on both with the same exam because very few people implement both simultaneously.

    We also need to look at it from the perspective of where it fits in the overall technology and certification arena.

    This is a rather long answer to your question but, in short we are planning a replacement for 70-301 and 70-300.  We, Microsoft Learning, will be working with the Microsoft group responsible for MSF to ensure that we create a relevant certification around MSFv4 and that we position it properly in the market so that those who find value in the certification, will continue to do so and it will be a certification that is worth your time to pursue.

    Unfortunately, because we are still in the evaluation phase, I don’t have specific dates for you on a potential release.


  3. I write today’s other post and then I find more retirement announcements. Now these aren’t for a long time yet, but at the very least you can see that Microsoft isn’t moving all that fast on retirements… Click past the fold for the list. Its impressively

  4. The official announcement about the March 2009 exam retirements I talked about earlier –including the

  5. Peter says:

    I want to take the SQL Server 2005 exams 70-431, 70-441 to 70-444.  However, SQL Server 2008 exams will be coming.  Does it mean I need to take a new set of exams for SQL Server 2008 when they are available and pay again?

  6. trikah@microsoft.com says:


    Yes, there will be new exams for SQL 2008. There iwll be a pro-level upgrade (from MCITP 2005 to MCITP 2008) but there will not be an upgrade path from MCTS 2005 to MCTS 2008. In short, if you have an MCTS 2005, you’ll have to take another exam to earn your MCTS 2008 (these are just one exam paths, keep that in mind). However, if someone is just starting on this NOW, you might want to just wait for 2008 since they’re comnig out soon.



  7. MrSharps says:

    I’m really interested in taking the 70-315.  But it seems like as soon as I take it, it will be retired (March ’09).  If I can be ready by end of February, do you think it’d be worth it?  Also, has a successor for this exam been named?

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