Crunked in 18?

This just in: there is a half-empty bottle of Gewürztraminer next to the sink in the ladies restroom, 3rd North, building 18, Microsoft main campus.

I can't help but feel that someone is having more fun at work than I am. 

Comments (6)

  1. And you left it there why? Damn woman do I need to think of everything? 🙂

    As always, looking out for your best interest.

  2. hartplaza says:

    Did you take it and got fun at work after all?

  3. You mean building 18 doesn’t have a fridge full of beer???

    I think you are in the wrong building!


  4. Mark says:

    I’m more worried you posted at 2:57 AM…

  5. I guess thats better then being crunked in Building 7? Or is it…. hmmmmmmm 😉


  6. ~B says:

    Oh,THAT’S where I left it!

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