Get certified on Windows Server 2008

As of last week, the Windows Server 2008 technology specialist exams are live. If you weren't on the "first to know" list to get the announcement when they came out, and are just hearing this now, from me, you are the "second to know." Second only to being first! Not too shabby.

So go take these exams and get certified on Windows Server 2008.

Here are some other things.

  • Here is where you can learn about the certifications you can earn with the exams above
  • Here is where MCSA and MCSE 2003s can learn about the upgrade path that bypasses the exams above
  • Here is where you register for second shot before you take the exams above so you can get a second chance for free (note that you can not combine second shot with the first-to-know voucher).
  • Here is where you sign up to get a notice and a savings voucher when the next exams (70-646 and 70-647) go live the first week of April. I recommend this strategy if you prefer being first to know, rather than second.
  • Here is where you can see the line-up for Sasquatch, a music thing at a beautiful place in Washington, the United States' premier State. I just got a ticket, mostly because I want to see Flight of the Conchords. As of this morning, I am also in the fan base of a band called "Awesome" because their band name is the word awesome, in quotes, which is rad.fun_cameraphone

If you took one of the three betas above and you do not have a Passed or Failed result showing on Prometric's site yet, let me know, that is not awesome.

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  1. Kjetil says:

    I just feel the questions about when beta results for 71-646 and 71-647 will be available pushing ahead. 🙂

    Hopefull they will be out before the live exam this time and that is…. *signing up to get first notice so i can run here if it’s before I get my results*

    Have fun at the Sasquatch.

    PS. 4 weeks since I took TS: Forefront. I know there is a delay to get the results, but im starting to worry now 🙂

  2. Gareth says:

    Awwwww, darnit! I was hoping to get the obligatory ‘What’s happening with the ITP betas’ comment in there first! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try harder in future.

  3. @Kjetil : Ehh…I took Forefront Jan, 31st and got the result right away…You really should worry 🙂

    Eh…indeed what about the beta results for the 647 and 646?

  4. Peter Read says:

    Yeah I make it 8 weeks tomorrow since I took 647 😉

    As nice as it’d be I expect they’ll be another couple of weeks.

  5. Stu says:

    8 weeks you say? I took 71-647 LAST YEAR.

  6. Marek says:

    Strange, i took the 642 exam on 7th of december, but i still can see only tested on prometric site. No failed/passed.

  7. Packetboy says:

    yea gimme my beta results damn it!!! hehe

  8. Aaron says:

    I got my results last week. I only passed one of the three 643, so now all I need to do is pass the MCSA 2003 upgrade and 2008 will be complete.

  9. Gonzalo says:


    I Took the three Betas (and passed :D), but it would be nice know the score and areas of further development in each test. Hoy can I get these?

    Thanks from Chile


  10. Peter Read says:

    Gonzalo – usually these come via postal mail, but are pretty slow to arrive…

  11. wheelca says:

    Marek… I feel your pain.  I see results for 642 and 643 but still show "Tested" for 640.  I took it on Dec. 14th.

  12. I took 71-640 and 71-642 on Dec 20 and 21, and as of last week, the MCP website indicates I passed them.  Still waiting for results from 625, 626, 646 and 647.

  13. Marek says:

    is tested after beta period is over actually failed?? 🙂

  14. wheelca says:

    OK… this is getting ridiculous.  Do the people at and know how to do anything but copy and paste.  I’ve tried to resolve this issue with both and all I get in response to several emails is either not relevant to the question I asked and/or obviously just a standard answer to get me to go away.  From their responses I seriously doubt either of them has bothered to look to see if there is a problem holding up my score (all I really want to know is whether I passed or not, I don’t really care about the actual score.)  It’s getting quite frustrating to say the least.


  15. All the time 71-643 I had "TESTED" 🙁

  16. Stephen says:

    I failed a SBS beta 2 years ago and it still indicates "tested" 🙁

  17. says:

    Robert, can you please send me your MCP ID and the date you took your exam in an e-mail? Thanks.

  18. says:

    …and Chris and Marek, do the same please send me an e-mail so I can connect you with the people to help with this. If you haven’t already (I know I have a few e-mails in my inbox about this).

    Marek, NO it doesn’t mean failed.

    Kjetil, are you talking about exam 70-557? you should have those results. Please send me an e-mail.

  19. binks4real says:

    I got my results today for 646 and 647.  I passed!  I checked Prometric this morning.  They already had 646 marked as passed.  I refreshed 5 minutes later and 647 was marked as passed.

  20. Hi Trika:

    I recently received a discount voucher for an exam of the MCITP track.

    Do you know if I can transfer this voucher to another person?


  21. says:

    Hi, Marcelo. If you are referring to the 40% vouchers that are good through September, yes, you can give that voucher to someone else.

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