Open the bottle of ammonia

It's last call. Reminder that we are coming up on the final days of 22 exams, some of which will have been in market for more than eight years, bless their hearts.

As we've been announcing over the last year, these are going away--if you wanted to add any of the list below to your transcript, use to complete a Windows Server 2000 track, or use the upgrade path from Windows Server 2000 to 2003 (exams 70-292 and/or 70-296) you need to act very fast. Retiring exams fall in to these categories:

  • Windows Server 2000
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Exchange Server 2000
  • Random

Top two reasons not to freak out

  1. When the exams retire, they will stay on your transcript to show your complete certification history.
  2. If you have completed a certification and one of the underlying exams retires, nothing happens to your certification, it is yours to keep.

Find the list and more info here. Or skim the list below, in which, for no reason I can ascertain, four exams have self-bolded and refuse to give up the limelight, despite my best unbolding efforts. They are the peacocks of the retiring exams community. Oh, look at me, look at me, they crow. They probably have their own little blogs.

If you do plan to take an exam, don't forget to register for Second Shot.

Comments (14)

  1. Paul says:

    If nothing happens to our certification then why is it not recorded "I was a NT4 MCSE" on my transcript?

  2. hartplaza says:

    mine NT4.0 is still showing. Only thing which I think is a pain in the ***** is that all exams are mixed up. There is no logical order in the transcript (at least, I haven’t found one). Not on alphabet, not on date. Just everything completly mixed up. It makes the transcript hard to read.

    Maybe MS can think about improving the transcript, so it will be better to read?

  3. > Open the bottle of ammonia

    I prefer glue thank you.

  4. Interesting point at

  5. Kantwin says:

    I don’t think Second Shot will work for these exams, unless I’m mistaken. If I remember correctly, Second Shot applies for –

    IT professional, developer, project manager, or Microsoft Dynamics certification exam.

  6. Aaron says:

    I just signed up for the 2000-2003 MCSE upgrade next Wednesday and I was able to sign up for the second shot voucher.

  7. says:

    Second SHot will work on all those exams. Get ’em.

  8. Kantwin says:

    I tried to use 2nd Shot on the 70-236 a while back, and was told by the Prometric website that it wasn’t a valid voucher code. I didn’t need it since I passed. I used the same code for the 70-638, and it worked.

    I assumed from my experience, and from the wording (IT Professional) that this would be the case.

    I’m glad I’m mistaken!

  9. Kantwin says:

    I’m sorry, that should have said 70-284, not 70-236…

  10. Niall says:


    I have one guy who has taken 74-137.. except it has 2 different names as far as I can see… on the web site its

    Developing Microsoft Office Solutions Using XML with Office Professional Edition 2003

    And on his transcript its

    Developing Microsoft® Office Smart Client Solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System

    Did it change along the way or something??

  11. Chris says:

    I just failed for the 3rd time for 292 . I don’t blame anyone but I am just more confused and wish I didn’t waste my time and money on this exam . I am a professional for a large company (over a 1000 servers ) . Doing this for over 10 years .Even though I have a free second shot I don’t feel I’m going to use it before March 31 and go thru this again  . I guess I really don’t know what I’m doing .


  12. says:

    Niall, thanks for pointing that out.

    Chris, send me an e-mail:

  13. says:

    Hartplaza, et al, i think the transcript has been updated so now it’s in chronological order. Do you see that? Better?

  14. hartplaza says:

    Hi Trika,

    Looks good. great and thank you (and the MS team who did this job!!). I think it’s a good improvement.


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