Nice, man. I appreciate that.

If you are an MCDST, and if you happened to notice something get added to your transcript that shouldn't have been there, you might now notice that it is gone again. If you are not, and you did not, then your work here is done.


When we updated the 70-621/70-620 business rules, something in the system went funny and a few hundred people were briefly 'awarded' certifications for which they hadn't completed requirements--I understand that has now been corrected.

Thanks for your patience as we get all the new exams and certifications sorted, in this case, going back to allow your 70-621 upgrade exam to count as credit in many more cert tracks for you. And special thanks to those of you in the community who got in touch to make sure we knew about the mistake.

Not that you're usually shy about pointing out our mistakes.

But this time, it was like, you saw someone drop a twenty, and you picked it up and thought about how nice it was, to have that twenty, but then you tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, "Hey, man, you dropped a twenty," and the guy who dropped the twenty was like, "Nice, man. I appreciate that."

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  1. as says:

    You reminded me of a story: when I was kid growing up in Detroit, a few friends and I went to a Lions game.  After getting some snacks, we were walking to our seat when the guy in front of us dropped a $50.  We picked up the bill, jogged to catch up with him, tapped him to get his attention and before we said anything he turns and snarls, "what the *bleep* do you punks want!?"  "Nothing, sorry," was the answer we gave and happily went about our game with our new prize.  Consider it Jerk Tax.  

    Lions lost.  Lions always lose.  Rotten Lions.

  2. Andy says:

    If you find another $20 bill, it’s mine!

  3. Any chance of removing another 10,000 or so certs from others that have cheated or just read a book? Just sayin’ since you guys were already doing so. 🙂

  4. Cesare Balena MCP Italy says:

    Not that you’re usually shy about pointing out our mistakes

    Exactly, and I will pointed out again,and again…because you are asking a lot of money in order to study and sit for then  became certified and of course I will expect a very high service quality.

    That’s make sense on your side?

  5. Nemo says:

    I would say it was more like you picked up a twenty (MCITP:EST) from the ground, and you look around and you ask the nearest person to the twenty (MCP Helpdesk) "Did you drop that twenty?" And they reply "No, that’s your twenty." And you look around and nobody else is looking for that lost twenty. You say to yourself "Is this my lucky day? Have I just earned a FREE twenty without me knowing?" But then someone walks up to you and taps you on the shoulder and asks "Is that the twenty (MCITP:EST) I lost?" Your holding it out like it’s not your twenty. If it was your twenty, you would have it tucked away in your wallet wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t be holding it out to show the world your free twenty. You pause. Savouring a bitter-sweet moment of dejection, that no, it was not your lucky day & no, the world did not find or earn you a FREE twenty but at the very least, the rightful owner of the twenty got it back. With all your might you try to show a brave and happy face to say "Oh, is that your twenty (MCITP:EST)?" And they say "Yeah… Thanks…"

    I’m not bitter, I’m not bitter at all. I just want to do whatever it takes to rightfully earn MY twenty (MCITP:EST). Lookout world, I’m sitting 70-621 tomorrow…

  6. says:

    I can’t complain… I did my MCDST the traditional way, by paying for and taking the two exams.

    I then got the MCTS:Vista Config and MCITP:EST through the tortured (but free) 71-621 beta testing process.

    Then because of the fun with that, a free voucher came of it, so I went and got my MCITP:CST, also for free.

    Then because of the fun with certificates and whatnot, I end up with another three vouchers…

    …so this twenty, you can keep. 🙂

  7. Sean says:

    Nemo how many times can you say twenty with a double meaning. Bravo

  8. cesare says:

    keep the twenty or not,,,,,still a big hole in the pocket that first of whole  should be fixed….

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