What did we learn today?

Maybe you have met Mike Mulcare before? He works here, at Microsoft Learning, and focuses on e-learning and the best way to help you guys learn.

Actually, you should just ask him what exactly he does, because I can't keep up. He might not do that at all.

In fact, what he does for money is none of our business.

What is important, is that he has consolidated his postings to a new TechNet blog, for your reading pleasure. Mike Mulcare, ladies and gentlemen! You can find him here, on What did we learn today?

Comments (5)

  1. I’m not the smartest geek in the word, but the link doesn’t work…

  2. and i apparently cannot spell. word = world. Kind of takes the funny out of it huh?

  3. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    You meen the link to Mike’s blog?

    It warks for me.

  4. Mike Mulcare says:

    Press the mouse button harder! That’s usually why links don’t work…

    Thanks Trika for the introduction – and you’ve got me about right – product manager for e-learning products at Microsoft Learning. I’m also a technical writer, with a couple of AD and Exchange books in print (search Amazon for Mulcare and Reimer). Stan and I have the Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Resource Kit coming out on 3/5 to support the WS2008 launch. Will be available individually and as part of the (big fat) WS2008 Reskit. Otherwise – I’m a Redmond-based ‘softie, looking for ways to make our online learning products more useful for ITPros, Devs, and IWs. If you have any feedback for me on our online products – you cna reach me through the blog email link.


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