Things that are happening include:

As I mentioned, some things are happening. They include:


Despite my best efforts to cancel this for a third time, we're on. Registration information here:

We will talk about the info we have on SQL 2008 cert (what's coming for the MCTS, ideas about exam coverage, and a few little bits about MCITP--but not much) AND we have Vicki from the Architect program to present a few slides on MCA: Database (you might know it as Ranger?} 



I am planning to go up to the hill after the live meeting tomorrow night to make a run with some Microsoft Learning people and MCTs in town. But there has been such crazy snow here it seems like it could be a) unpleasant and b) impossible. So I might not.



Hopefully I'll see you at lunch tomorrow, on Wednesday, if you're at the MCT summit in Redmond. I am going to stop by to check out whatever it is you're learning over there.



I just met Will, Richard <I'm an ass!>, and Martijn <corrected spelling for second time,that is so sad>, all of whom are in town doing work as subject matter experts (SMEs) on some Windows Server 2008 exam item reviews. 

[Sidebar: It was nice to meet you guys.]

I'm going to stop by at 9 AM tomorrow, Wednesday, to listen in on what happens in an item review, as I've never been before. If I learn anything I will report back. 



Today I won a black track jacket that says 'Microsoft Learning' at a team birthday party (oh, don't mind me, winning things at my party). As far as I can tell, it can not be used as a vase, which I find disappointing.



Our big Microsoft employee technical field event is next week in Seattle. I am going to be at the study hall (second floor of conference center) on Tuesday from 10 until 2:30, or so, and then again on Wednesday night from 6-9 or so. If you are there, and you happen to have read this, will you please come say hello? I have brown hair, and will likely be wearing a Microsoft Learning track jacket. Things happening at TR6 include:

- This year a handful of MCTs will be available for 1:1 coaching/help at the cert study hall. This is rad--you'd be paying a lot to get this kind of help. You should take advantage of it. 

- Lutz, our General Manager, is going to join an MCT session to present on Monday night at 6:30 PM in room 221. He's a good speaker and great chance to talk to him about the training and cert products and what's working/not working for your customers. Nancy Beals will be there, too. She's funny, you should meet her.

- Ask the Experts on Wednesday night. I think Rob Linsky (who knows the things about the things) and lots of other really good people will be at the Microsoft Learning table, so make sure and stop by. 

- As we've done before, we have 10 or 20 Microsoft Press titles to choose from if you use one of our e-learning courses to prep for your exams. What is new this year is that you'll have access to the full e-learning catalog instead of just a few titles, which is cool. Remember you can always use e-learning, as an employee. Get it from //infoweb/learning.



Tonight I am driving to a friend's house to pick up an immense, orange, cast-iron 1970s sink that they are throwing out, then going out for dinner, and watching the Super Tuesday results. I might have a beer.

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  1. I need to move to Redmond… But alas, today’s high was 86 degrees in sunny Florida. 6 more weeks of winter huh? Well, bring it on Phil.

    Hey T, what’s up with your vase fetish? Just sayin’.

  2. hartplaza says:

    hope you’ll get to go skiing. Have fun!

  3. Kent A says:

    I’m in Redmond for the same focus groups (one of the SME’s 70-643).  It should be an interesting day.  

  4. There is an interesting post over at

  5. tlamothe says:

    People are throwing out a 1970’s cast iron sink?  Those can sometimes be reglazed to look awesome (although you say it is orange, so maybe not) or you might be able to use that sink as a very large vase. Would look good on the front lawn with flowers in it.

  6. dr00 says:

    Please post a pic of the sink!

  7. Wayne Anderson says:

    Did you ever show up at the summit?  Somehow I must have missed you!  Figures.

  8. says:

    Wayne, drat. That’s lame, man. Sorry.

    Sink photo to come. It is so rad. You will freak OUT.

    Kent, hope the rest of the session went well. That was fun to be there!

    HP, no skiing. Avalanches and all the passes closed in the Great Northwest. Damn.

  9. Mike says:

    Thanks for stopping by…

    I was great chatting with you…See you at TechEd!


  10. says:

    You too Mike! Thanks for the reminder to stop by.

  11. So what were the results from the MCP SQL 2008 Live Meeting?

    What will they offer and when?

  12. says:

    Here is the recording, Michael. When I get a minute I’ll write up a little summary of the meeting to post, too… but that won’t happen any time soon.

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