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Big launch kick-off event for Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, and SQL Server 2008 coming up in Los Angeles, California, in February. I'm sure it will be quite the to-do. Other things you can do to be part of the fuss, if you, like me, will not be in LA...

1. Get intros/training/offers/whatnot at a launch event in your city hosted by a Certified Partner for Learning Solutions, the fine people who offer our classroom courses, etc. You can find out where/when here. More are being added all the time.

2. Be part of the Heros Happen Here cartoon. You can submit your own story ideas that might get added in.

Make sure your suggestion is very compelling. For example: girl in Live Writer t-shirt goes through customs with banana. This is the kind of drama and relevance that will catch their eye. That kind of thing, anyway. Along those lines.

Also, make sure your protagonist is certified. For example: scertified girl in Live Writer t-shirt...

3. Attend a Microsoft launch event, happening all over the place starting with the LA event on February 27. Dates and locations and registration here.

and-a-4. Register to get updates and attend via the virtual launch site.


serverQuest_02OT: the word on the street is that you can win a ticket to TechEd 2008, among other things, if you want to play Server Quest, a TechNet promotion that "...rolls into your browser like an avalanche of early nineties gaming action." I do not want anything to roll into my browser like an avalanche of early nineties gaming action, but you might! Check it

Comments (6)

  1. Helmer says:

    Cool 😉 I’ll be at the Win2k8 launch too….but the launch I will attend is in the Netherlands…

  2. Okay, so Jacksonville had been listed as a stopping point and now … not. What is up with that???

    So I registered for the nearest location, Orlando (2 hours away mind you) but I did not get an email or anything.

    How do I check to see if I was properly registered?

    Come on T. Help a friend out.

  3. Michael Bender says:

    You should come visit all the MCP/MCTs at the MCT Summit in redmond this week:)

  4. as says:

    Okay, does anyone have any idea why Server-Quest is telling me that every email address that I have is already registered for the contest?

    I’ve even tried little used/spam addresses (like my Gmail one) and am getting the same message.

  5. Trika says:

    MDA, no idea. I’m sorry!

    as (not to be confused with Smart As*), I have no idea. if you can’t find a "help" or contact address on there somewhere, send me a mail and I can maybe find someone on that team to help you…?

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