Second shot extended to June 2008

Absolutely breaking news! Unless you already heard this from someone else, in which case, this is a breaking reminder!

Second shot (the offer that gives you a second chance to pass your exam--free--if you fail it the first time) is available until June 30, 2008.

Originally this was going to end on January 31, but it seems like it is making you guys happy, and helping you take (and pass) exams to get certified, which makes us happy. So, we (Microsoft Learning and Prometric) decided to extend it.

If you are already registered for the offer, I believe you'll get an e-mail explaining that you don't need to re-register--your current registration will be extended so you can use the offer through June. But I'm not quite sure how that all works, so look for that e-mail and don't listen to me.

Don't mind me, taking the rest of the day off to eat cake.

Your friend,


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  1. Edwin says:


    Happy Birthday to you !!


  2. wpj says:

    Happy B-Day and thanks for the Breaking Reminder as I updated my team about an hour ago.

  3. wpj says:

    Happy B-Day and thanks for the Breaking Reminder as I updated my team about an hour ago.


  4. wpj says:

    oh just noticed this

    Q. Can other offers or discounts be combined with Second Shot?

    A. No, Second Shot cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

    but you said

    I’m not sure this question is in there… but Windows Server 2008 "first to know" offer can be combined with Second Shot. So, check it out.

    So if it actually can be combined thats awesome.

    If it can’t oh well.

    next Q, is the dynamics also extended?



    PS Happy Birthday Again!!! after all you deserve to be told twice on a day like this.

  5. Mee Sow Sorry says:

    Q – How do I register for the initial exam?

    A – You register for your initial exam through the Prometric Web site or by contacting a Prometric call center or test center.

    Note – This offer cannot be combined with other promotions. A credit card must be used to schedule your exam appointment.

    Q – Can other offers or discounts be combined with Second Shot?

    A – No, Second Shot cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

    These two questions listed say you cannot combine it with the ‘first to know’ Server 2008 offer. Can we or can’t we, or has this webpage not been updated?

  6. Suzy says:

    Happy Birthday!


  7. K2 says:

    Happy Birthday Trika 🙂

  8. Andrew says:

    Hey, are you going todo Technet again? (pass exam w/exam insurance=free technet).

  9. the Cake is a lie… 🙂

    Happy Birthday T.

  10. Wayne Anderson says:

    A ‘breaking reminder’?  That would be the kind that reminds you about using a program that the prometric web interface cant handle when you are already using a VL or otherwise corporately purchased voucher, yes?

  11. hartplaza says:

    Andrew, that is a good idea. I second that !!

  12. Sander Zegveld says:

    eat cake as in eat the food you eat when it is your birthday right !?

    Happy birthday to you Trika.

  13. Bob says:

    Can I register for this promotion at

  14. Niall Merrigan says:

    @Bob.. Nope only prometric as Vue do not do MS exams any more and this is an MSL promotion

  15. This offer can be combined with one discount. If you use an MCT Discount Voucher like the ones I give out you only use that discount code and it both takes money off the exam and registers for Second Shot.

  16. Andy says:

    *To be eligible to receive the discount vouchers, students must be in one of your instructor-led training classes on Microsoft products or technologies.

  17. says:

    Thank you for the (much prompted) birthday wishes, I really loved it.

    Will and Mee Sow Sorry and Wayne: I recommend you ignore me and listen to the web pages. We are finalizing details of First to Know and I’ll let you know when/if that page has been updated. In the meantime, I shouldn’t have said anything to confuse the issue. Until further notice, how about this: NO, 2nd shot can not be combined with other offers, as we have consistently said since that offer launched. Again, sorry for getting ahead of myself and when/if that officially gets updated in the official rules I’ll post a note about it.

    Will, yes, I believe 2nd shot is good on Dynamics exams and yes, that has been extended too.

    Andrew, I don’t think we’re planning to do anything like the Exam Insurance TechNet offer anytime soon, but I’ll pass on your question to our marketing people.

    Bob, Niall is (as usual) spot on.

    So, as usual, is Andy.

  18. Peter Read says:

    Hey Trika – sorry for the off-topic (the normal topic is "Where’s my beta result!!!" right?), but did we ever determine if 70-351 was valid for MCSE Security?  

    The MCSE Security overview page doesn’t mention it, although the 70-351 page does mention MCSE Sec…

  19. says:

    Peter will post on this tomorrow.


  20. Peter Read says:

    Great look forward to it 🙂

    (which isn’t sad at all.  Honest.  Ok maybe a bit…)

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