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Exam 70-400: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, Configuring is live as of yesterday, Monday 21 January*, 2008. What this means is that you can now earn a certification called MCTS: System Center Operations Manager 2007, Configuration. A certification for System Center Configuration Manager will be available in March.

Just now, in that last sentence, I was going too fast and I accidentally typed "scertification" and it occurred to me that it could be an efficient way to indicate a certification held by a lady. For example, I am PowerPoint 2007 scertified. It's possible (or likely), that I've just annoyed someone, so I'll move on.

System Center Operations Manager and System Center Configuration Manager are two key technologies under the System Center umbrella, and, from what I understand, the two that are becoming more and more of an operations staple for large and enterprise organizations with a Windows Server infrastructure.

Consider earning MCTS: System Center Operations Manager 2007, Configuration now (or MCTS: System Center Configuration Manager in a few months) if

  • you are in an operations role or would like to move that way in the future
  • you have an MCP cert for a previous version of Systems Management Server (along the lines of exam 70-089 or exam 70-086)
  • your organization is looking at System Center Operations Manager (and/or Configuration Manager) for their Windows Server environment
  • There is no pre-requisite for these certification, but you'll need to be extremely comfortable with the Windows Server 2000 or 2003 platform to do well on the exams (400/401), which are reportedly pretty challenging, and good.

Do not consider these certifications if you are just getting started with the Windows infrastructure. If that is you... consider starting your studies and path to an MCTS on Server 2008, when available, or look for a Windows Server 2003 exam that reflects your current/developing skills base.

How to get ready for 70-400

In related news:

  • I get most of my information from the smart people who plan and make our exams. In this case, my friend Jim. If you have a question, let me know, and I can ask him.
  • If you took the 71-400 beta, you should have your results now (as of 21 January). If not, contact Prometric (that is where your results initiate). I hope you passed.
  • Exam 70-401:TS: Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager, Configuring will be live on March 6, according to the info I have. If you want to start preparing for that one, visit the prep guide:
  • If you took 71-401, don't freak out about your beta results yet, they won't be available until closer to the live date, most likely


* Yesterday, Monday, 21 January was 3 days before my birthday**

**Not to put too fine a point on it, but my birthday is on Thursday, 24 January

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  1. Peter Read says:

    Thanks Trika.  

    Any news/plans for 402 yet (the ‘SC pro’ exam) or is that still formative?

    Also I’m wondering what the plan is for recertifying ‘pro’ certs – if you’ve got half a dozen, does that need half a dozen exams every 3 years to maintain them?  

  2. Pete Calvert says:

    Trika, why should ladies be the only ones able to be scertified! Maybe in the US, but surely travel has broadened your mind 😉

    In Scotland scertification could show how skilted someone is with MS products.

  3. Trika,

    Happy Birthday in advance! 😉



  4. Erik says:

    Hi Trika,

    Happy Birthday tomorrow from the Netherlands !



  5. hartplaza says:

    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a enjoyable day.


  6. Paul says:

    Any idea what the pass / fail ration was for the SCOM beta, or how many passed the beta?

  7. Jim K says:


  8. Hi Trika-

    Happy Birthday!  I don’t comment a lot here but I want to say that I read your feed all of the time and you have got to be one of the funniest damn people I know (I guess I don’t really know you, but anyway).

    Keep up the nonsense!


  9. Daniel Lai (v-dala) says:

    Hey, I got OpsMgr Certification on my birthday!

    21 Jan!!!! Yeah! Any Specidal Gift to me..haha

    Daniel Lai

  10. Kenold says:

    Happy belated birthday!

    I got my beta exam score (passed) yesterday.  Disapointed I did not a change to take the beta for SCCM but I am on the look out for the live exam – first in line 😉

  11. says:

    Congratulations Kenold, that is rad. As soon as I hear about SCCm I’ll post!

  12. says:

    Calvert, I love this, "skilted"


  13. says:

    Peter, affirmative on formative. More info on the recert stuff coming soon.

    Paul, I dont think we can tell you that stuff.

    Scott, hello, I’ll tell my writers that they’re funny. Just kidding, I don’t have any writers! They’re on strike! OK, just kidding, I really don’t have any writers. PS You should comment more, because when you do, for some reason, I feel LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! LIKE ONE MILLION DOLLARS! ONE MILLION.

    Daniel, happy birthday, man. Go shawty.

  14. Exam 70-401: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, Configuring is available as of a few

  15. Exam 70-401: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, Configuring is available as of a few

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