Most Poorly Formatted Blog Post Ever

Things to report about Windows Server 2008 certification include:

Links from the navigation and related pages aren't live yet - these pages just went up and wanted to let you know. Please let us know if something doesn’t look right (beyond the font and spacing issues in the bullets above, which clearly do not look right).


OK, I'll give you a minute to come out of your little shells and provide feedback.


I'll just sit tight for a bit.

Look out the window, or whatever.


Maybe get a coffee.


See you.

Comments (8)

  1. Helmer says:

    OMG Trika..what’s happening. This is the worst formatted blog post EVER!!

    When is your pc going to be fixed again?



  2. Fisker says:

    All the way at the bottom in the "Very Frequently asked questions" in "How do I demonstrate my security skills?" there’s a link to 70-350.

    This should be to 70-351 because 70-351 is the current ISA exam and 70-350 doesn’t earn you an MCTS but "only" an MCP.

    BTW I’m taking 70-351 tomorrow 🙂

  3. Interesting point at

  4. tlamothe says:

    On my machine in my feedreader the link to the MCP site was in some sort of eastern European or western Asian like font. Looks like Ukranian or Kazakstanian.

    I hope your computer is fixed soon.

  5. Ed says:

    I hate plain text documents.

    This is a good reason why some people should always create plain text documents.

    Now, the problem is that pasting needs to be a little smarter. Not an easy thing to do, but often "Paste as plain text" is a much better option than the default Paste exactly what I copied.

    There probably should also be a default style limit to things. If you’ve got over 5 styles in 5 lines, the document should self destruct! 🙂

  6. WayHay says:

    Next you’ll poasting in Wingdings!

  7. Peter Read says:

    You know, I’ve given up now, but I was looking for some shonky reg hack to make office2k7 default to paste as plain text…

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