Trouble for Charlie Red Pants

Did I tell you my hard drive died last week? We had a good run, C:// and I; no regrets.

But it sure is quiet around here.

Luckily there are a few people in my company who know about computers, so I'm getting help. In the meantime, CRP on LM at your service, trying to catch up. 

OT: here are two suggestions my manager has recently given me. Both are warranted and reasonable requests, and make me think of my mom.   

  1. "Trika, clean up your office"

  2. "Don't jump off the deep end" <in response to me getting annoyed, snippy look on face>

*Charlie Red Pants on Loaner Machine

Comments (6)

  1. Helmer says:

    My deepest condolances with your harddrive!

  2. cleanliness is next to godliness. we now know your stance. 😉


    love, peace, and chicken grease. i’m out. word to your motha.

  3. tlamothe says:

    Trika, every manager I’ve ever had has told me that I need to clean my office up. It gives them the feeling that they are "managing".

    It could be worst really. Your manager could be telling you to throw out old fruit you may have lying around the office or that while your taste in attire is impeccible and they’re glad you are not wearing that powder blue bridesmaid dress to work anymore, they are starting to notice, by sense of smell, you are wearing the same pants for days on end. Or even worst then those two things, your manager could be calling to say that you forgot to put the new cover sheet on your TPS report.  

    So really, if having a messy office is the worst of your troubles then that’s pretty darn good. It gives a nice soft target to have on as goal objectives on your performance review.

  4. daveb says:

    A messy desk reflects a messy mind

    But I’d rather have a messy one than an empty one (desk or mind)

  5. btw, check the history and cookies on the LM. it might prove to hold great evidence for you in the future with whoever had it last. Just sayin’…

  6. Mike Cavel says:

    So…we can now refer to you as "Dead Hard Drive, Red Pants"?

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