I’m wearing old snow boots and wool socks in the office today, because it was supposed to snow all over the place. I was prepared for great danger on the roads per the Seattle news this morning, Winter Storm Warning: You Will Probably Die, Surrssly. As it turns out, it’s not snowing. And I think…


This is why I prefer working from Seattle

Dick’s Drive-In is #1 on this little map, Redmond is #2, and South Lake Union is #3. I live* at Dick’s Drive-In**, so the commute to the Seattle office is very nice.   *a few blocks short of literally and a few burgers short of figuratively **Dick’s is the place/where the cool hang out/the swass…


I just made a friend.

Did I tell you I sometimes work from an office in Seattle? It’s nice, I don’t have to go to Redmond and Microsoft has this drop-in space where you can just show up. I love it! There are tony booths and nice lighting, soda to be had; buildings out the window, corner coffee shops and…


From the Window, to the Wall

Remember back in the day when I moved to a window office? I was flying high in 18 back then, staring at the clouds, doodling hearts, poppin bottles, rollin on dubs. But its a new economy, people. And by new economy I mean I now share an office and face a little white wall. The…


Big day

Big day for team U.S.A. today. And maybe for team World Financial Markets. I’m jiggling my foot under my desk, like you do when you are nervous or excited. Something else people do when they are nervous, sometimes, is chew on a toothpick.


That damn sandwich

It’s up to $71.00, now, that bologna sandwich I’ve been sweatin’. These Microsoft high-rollers are out of my league! Take your sandwich, man. I’m out. Sidebar: I’m still in for the corvette.


Play bridge (it’s like poker, but for smart people)

I’m on the organizing committee for the inaugural Microsoft Giving Campaign bridge tournament, and that is the slogan I proposed we use to promote the event. The rest of the organizing committee was less inclined than I to offend most of Microsoft’s game-playing population, so we didn’t use it, unfortunately. One thing I really like…


Well, this is awkward.

I’d like to tell you a few things that I think are fun things to know about Microsoft, but I’m not sure how to start posting on this blog again, now that I’ve called it quits with certification. I feel a little like you feel when you see your ex at a party, or something….


Oh, you.

Thank you for all the very nice e-mails and comments and good-lucks. I really appreciate it. You guys are great. Some of you, like Pollerunner, have asked things like this: "Where are we now going to get this informantion?" Lots of official and informal places provide the information I was posting…. my blog was just…


Oh, dear. I’ve got some news.

This is the news: I have decided that I am going to do another job at Microsoft, so I won’t be your certification front-man anymore. This is not a particularly big deal for Microsoft, or Microsoft Learning, or for you. But it is for me! I will miss this job a lot. That is because…