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I'm sure you MCTs have seen this stuff elsewhere, but just in case... info shared with me re: MCT Awards and MCT Forums/Favorite MCT at CertGuard, below.


The MCT Awards program provides MCTs with tools to drive more training and exam-taking activity through the CPLSs.  MCTs who participate in the program can distribute vouchers for a one-time discount on Microsoft Certification exams and practice tests, and a free second chance to pass the exam.  MCTs earn a point each time a student or candidate uses a voucher and passes their exam.  The top MCT in each region also will earn their CPLS location free exams. Register by 31 January at and receive a free Certification exam voucher.  Contact:


Starting January 1, 2008 CertGuard will be opening up nominations for a year-long quest to find out which Microsoft Certified Trainers are the most favored in the industry. MCTs and CPLSs from around the world are invited to join in on the fun. The nomination period will run from January 1 to May 1, 2008. Then the voting will begin and last through the remaining portion of 2008. Starting May1, 2008 MCTs, CPLSs, MCPs and non-MCPs will be able to vote on their favorite MCT. The MCT2008 Forums are open to the public and everyone is welcome to register. Anyone interested in Sponsoring the event is welcome to contact CertGuard for further details.

Forums are open for now for registration:


And this, about trainers and Microsoft Learning's involvement with NetHope:

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  1. So far two great training companies have stepped forward and offered to donate gifts to our esteemed MCTs. ExamForce and TrainSignal have donated material to the MCT Prize Pool.

    We’re hoping to get more. There’s no limit on the number of MCTs we can help out. Our goal here is to promote the use of good study materials while supporting the trainers that help us learn.

    Thanks for the support Trika! You rock!!!

  2. Andy says:

    My vote is for MCT Paige Turner and MCP Thomas C. Tips.

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