Cougar certification

I get asked a lot about Cougar/Small Business Server certifications. A good gentleman from the SBS team heard one of said questions in a recent Live Meeting, and sent me the Q&A below... I'm sharing it here to help inform those of you who, like me, could use a little schooling on what Cougar is all about.

The last two Q&A are my additions, re: related certifications. Raaaaaaahr!*

*I'm not sure what sound cougars make, but I like to think it is raaaaahr.

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  1. Alice says:

    "The MCTS will require one exam (70-235), and will be available after "Cougar" releases."

    But that exam number is already occupied… 70-235 is ‘TS: Developing Business Process and Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006’, which was released on July 18, 2006.

  2. Did you see the post at

  3. Am I the only one laughing at the codename Cougar?

  4. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    Why???  Why not add ISA2006 onto the domain controller that also has Exchange 2007 and SQL 2005 all-in-one roles???  That would become the most stable server you’ve even seen!

    One license change suggestion to the SBS team: Instead of running everything together, please allow installing the components of SBS/Cougar on VMs running on a single physical machine.  MS can keep the current restrict on the maximum number of clients.  

  5. Adam M says:

    @Stephen Rea – Ya I actually have forwarded this page to many people (Non-technical at that) just to give them a good laugh.

    Seriously, does Microsoft think very hard about these things or is it just one of those lets wing it and go for it?  I mean this just opens up a load of jokes on a product.  Sometimes that can be good if it is a great product but then again, er nevermind. 🙂

  6. tlamothe says:

    @Stephen Rea – No your not the only one laughing.

    Trikia – Yes, Cougars (the cat type) have a bit of a roar. I used to feed a Cougar when I was a kid when I worked at an animal park.

  7. Good to know I’m not the only one laughing. 🙂

  8. Mark says:

    A cougar would generally feed on young longhorns.  

    SBS gets a lot of its tech gadgets from the full product line.

    Yes, laughing.

  9. says:

    This has been a treat. Brad added his take on the sounds cougars make, which I love: "Cougar Noises … something around the lines of "Brad honey, can you get me another chablis?"  At least that’s what they sound like in Boston."

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