Speaking of Windows Server 2008

Don't mind me, blogging my head off.

I think you know that I work for MIcrosoft Learning, and you might know that the guy who runs Microsoft Learning is Lutz Ziob.

Not too long ago he gave a spiel to press and other fancy types (like, you know, bloggers) about training and certification and Windows Server 2008. Here is a related note from Lutz on the WS blog, and a good, interesting review of what Lutz had to say from Mark Wilson (one of said bloggers).

In addition to covering the new Server 08 certifications, LZ talked a little about the role of certification in general, and I liked that he said "certification programs do not replace experience" but "experience in itself doesn’t guarantee that someone knows what they need to know." That bit is in a clip on soapbox, check it. 

Speaking of Lutz, speaking.

On Tuesday I had a training class in some other building, and I was pretty late, which is something that happens to me, sometimes, and the presenter had already started talking.

As I fumbled my way through the seated and on-time, attentively listening, polly-prissy-pants, goody-two-shoes other participants to find a seat, I realized that Lutz was the speaker I happened to be interrupting. Why the speaker could not have been the boss - of the boss - of the boss of the on-time Polly Prissyhausen, seated to my left, instead, I do not know. 

In case you are interested, Lutz talked about "negotiating conflict" and was a good speaker and helpful. He made three points:

  1. *
  2. Don't procrastinate; deal with the conflict right away
  3. In addressing it, communicate with "we" not "you"

Keep an eye out for how graciously I'll negotiate conflict on my blog, starting now. 

*If anyone who was there on time is reading this, I'd love to know what the first point was.

Comments (6)

  1. Rosie says:

    And the 2007 "Do as I say not as I do" Award goes to…

  2. R says:

    LOL Trika… you dont know how much we enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Chris Lehr says:

    And with rc1 dropping last night, I now can upgrade my home machine  😉

  4. Wayne Anderson says:

    Trika, it was probably about not personalizing the conflict.  This kinds of goes to point 3 but really should stand on its own.

    Its not about the other person’s charachter traits, evil intent, or thier demon-of-the-universe status.  Its about something that happened and what you two (or more) can do to avoid it happening again.

  5. frankblank says:

    you are cute and funny, too bad I’m too old for you.  does lutz know that your skewered him?  do the people who will read this know of lutz’s history of running away from conflict with the msl evangelists, er, mcts?

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