murky business in the 2-0-6

I often defend Seattle when people say it rains all the time. I say, "Actually, it doesn't rain that much, it is just gray a lot." But this just in, my basement is flooded. And it is still coming down sick in Seatown! I've been carting 5-gallon buckets of murky business up my stairs to dump in the backyard all morning, to the tune of:

  • no apparent result, and
  • one blister. 

You're on your own, Seattle. 

Don't come crying to me.

Comments (5)

  1. tlamothe says:

    That sucks, nothing worst than water in the basement and it sounds like you are dealing with several inches to feet of water.

    David who I travel to the study group in Ottawa with has first hand experience (as do I) with flooded basements. He now has three sump pumps, with one on a UPS.

  2. Alice says:

    I don’t have a basement, but if I were in that situation, I would probably get a pump and temporarily run a hose through the house instead of carrying buckets of water out — wouldn’t want to accidentally spill the buckets on your good floor too!

  3. evilduke says:

    I can feel bad for you, but living in the penthouse apartment I now am in makes me glad that I dont have a basement.

  4. I wonder if this is due to the bad karma from having a fugitive Spanish banana and/or dropping Pearson-Vue.

    Look at it this way, you now have an indoor swimming pool!

    Hope you are able to find a sump pump.

  5. raber says:

    Trika, I’ve got a great idea! Here in Alabama we are suffering from record drought. We have only had around 26" of rainfall for the year and are around 22" behind. If we could just run a REALLY long hose from your basement, it sound like we could solve our drought problems.

    You got a hose? A REALLY LONG HOSE?

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