December 5: Windows Server 2008 certification

I hope you can come to Wednesday's Live Meeting. Please tell other people, too.

Who should attend:

  • Server-certified individuals (NT, 2000, 2003 or MCP)

  • not certified but working with W Server

  • would like to work with W Server!

What we will talk about: Rob Linsky and Jim Clark, both from the certification team (product manager and product planner) will be presenting

  • review and update on the new certifications and upgrade paths

  • update on availability of related training

  • what the exams cover

  • guidance on what you can do next (what exam/what cert, depending on where you are now)

  • We will also touch on Server and... messaging, security, virtualization, MCSA vs. MCSE vs. MCITP, MCTS vs. MCP... etc....

How to register:

I had a plan to do a CNN, election-style YouTube Q&A, where you, the customer, can record personal and pointed, sometimes wry and witty questions in advance, then we play them back, and Rob and Jim stand behind podiums and wear dark blue suits and Microsoft-red ties, looking directly in to the camera, answering your questions with exaggerated sincerity and conviction

But I didn't do that. So you can type your questions in to Live Meeting, like usual. And Rob and Jim will be wearing jeans and sneakers, like usual. Their sincerity and conviction will, as usual, be authentic. I will follow through on part of my plan, though, and will be wearing an Anderson Cooper mask and a grey wig.

Comments (5)

  1. jtb says:

    The only problem with that format is that it provides revenue to YouTube.

  2. Helmer says:

    It was a great session again! Thnx (also to Jim and Rob)

  3. Adrian Popescu says:


    Is it somewhere a recorded version? I was very busy during the presentation and i missed some things…

    Many thanks

  4. Stefano says:

    Hi ,

    I’ve been searching for the recorded session as I was busy at the time it was live.

    Is there a link to it ?


  5. Helmer says:

    Hmm…she told us that it would become available on thursday. It’s 4pm in Seattle so she’s probably still at her job 🙂



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