What happens to welcome kits…

What happens in Scottsdale, stays in Scottsdale. This is what is written on a bedazzled t-shirt I considered buying in Phoenix, Arizona* this weekend, when I was visiting my parents for our Thanksgiving holiday. In my experience, nothing very much was happening** in Scottsdale that needed to stay there, but I had a nice time and, this just in, I'd rather be in sunny Arizona than in 18/3403 this morning.  

But back to business, reporting on something the good people here at Microsoft Learning are working on to make your MCP lives easier.

Namely, improvements to our welcome kit ordering process. This project is the one that is affecting welcome kit orders for a week or so; don't forget there will be no orders starting November 29.

Coming Changes to Report Include:
  1. Each time you place a welcome kit order, you will be asked to update your address on that same screen (rather than going to your profile) so it will go to the right place the first time
  2. You can check on the status of your shipment on the MCP site (!!)
  3. Some of the data fields have been changed to make sure we capture the right address info from you. I.e. forms will only accept Roman characters so the orders can be read by all systems along the delivery chain...
  4. You can input a different address for each kit you order, if for some reason that suits you
Excellent Results We Hope to Report Include:
  • Your welcome kit will be delivered to the right place in a timely manner, and you will be pleased
  • You will know the status of your shipment, and you will be pleased

The only downside is that we will likely spend less time on the phone with you, telling you where your shipment is or updating your address. This is sad, because I'm sure you are a pleasure on the phone. Look for these changes to show up on December 7, I think.

While we're on the topic, please remind other MCPs that Welcome kits are not shipped automatically. You have to request them from the MCP site each time you are eligible for one. More info here.


* Hi, Andy!

** Things happening in Scottsdale include: looking at photos from your parents' trip to the Grand Canyon, playing bridge, eating stew, and getting your cheeks pinched by pastel-clad, visor-wearing Scottsdalians.

Comments (8)

  1. Lucho Rozas says:

    Hi Trika, thank you for post this information, it’s very usefull!

  2. Andy says:

    Hiya! I never know what’s happening in Scottsdale since I can’t afford to "visit" there.

  3. Trika, didn’t know you were so near during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Not that I should have known.  I prepared Thankgiving dinner for my family in Laveen, AZ (west of Phoenix).  What happens in Laveen… doesn’t really matter.  The holidays were good, and I’m glad to see things moving forward with the MS Learning team, I’m really looking forward to those certification trees being fully updated!


  4. Did you see this post at blogs.msdn.com

  5. Rosyna says:

    Well, there is this website dirtyscottsdsale.com that I keep getting pointed to. But note that this site might be considered NSFW depending on the day.

  6. trikah@microsoft.com says:


    Thanks. We’ll add that link to our community page.



  7. Dan says:

    Well…it would be nice of the ‘status’ date actually worked.   Been waiting since Dec 17 for my MTSC:SQL05 welcome kit…every day I check, the ‘shipped date’ is ALWAYS chaged to one business day from the current day – useless if you ask me.

  8. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Hey, Dan. Send me a mail if you still are having troubles.

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