Get certified on ISA Server 2006

Exam 70-351: TS: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006, Configuring is now available at VUE and Prometric. When you pass 70-351, you earn a stand-alone certification: MCTS: ISA Server 2006, Configuration.

Here's a sentence on ISA: ISA Server is the integrated edge security gateway that helps protect your IT environment from Internet-based threats while providing your users with fast and secure remote access to applications and data.

Here's a sentence on ISA certification: A certification on ISA is a great way to show your boss, or a company you'd like to work for, that you get the full picture and ins and outs of something they care about a lot (working online! security! acronyms!) and that you cared enough to take the time to study and pass an exam. Good confidence booster, too, knowing you know what you need to know*. 

The prep guide is just days away from publishing (here's where you'll find it, eventually), but we get so many questions about this, I'm poasting the topic areas, below. I think there is one classroom course coming out to support this exam--the prep guide will point you to that when available. In the meantime, visit the TechCenter for ISA--there should be a lot of resources there that can get you started in your studies.

If you go to sign up for this exam, don't forget to register for second shot.

Skills measured by Exam 70-351

Planning and Installing ISA Server 2006

  • Plan an ISA Server 2006 deployment
  • Assess and configure the operating system, hardware, and network services
  • Deploy ISA Server 2006

Installing and Configuring Client Computers

  • Install Firewall Client software
  • Configure client computers for ISA Server 2006. Types of client computers include Web Proxy, Firewall Client, and SecureNAT
  • Configure a local domain table (LDT)
  • Configure ISA Server 2006 for automatic client configuration by using Web Proxy Automatic Discovery (WPAD)
  • Diagnose and resolve client computer connectivity issues

Configuring and Managing ISA Server 2006

  • Configure the system policy
  • Back up and restore ISA Server 2006
  • Define administrative roles
  • Configure firewall settings
  • Configure ISA Server 2006 for Network Load Balancing
  • Configure ISA Server 2006 to support a network topology

Configuring Web Caching

  • Configure forward and reverse caching
  • Optimize performance of the ISA Server 2006 cache
  • Diagnose and resolve caching issues

Configuring Firewall Policy

  • Plan a firewall policy
  • Create policy elements, access rules, and connection limits. Policy elements include schedule, protocols, user groups, and network objects
  • Create policy rules for Web publishing
  • Create policy rules for mail server publishing
  • Create policy rules for server publishing

Configuring and Managing Remote Network Connectivity

  • Configure ISA Server 2006 for site-to-site VPNs
  • Configure ISA Server 2006 as a remote access VPN server
  • Diagnose and resolve VPN connectivity issues

Monitoring and Reporting ISA Server 2006 Activity

  • Monitor ISA Server 2006 activity
  • Configure and run reports
  • Configure logging and alerts

* You know?

Comments (20)

  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    Thanks Trika!

    Happy turkey day.  Hope you are enjoying it doing something other than making this post, too.

  2. tlamothe says:

    Trika, do you know if this will this count as a security specialization: core security in the MCSE 2003 + Securtiy cert? Presently 70-350: ISA 2004 and 70-227: ISA 2000 can be used towards that specialization.

    Happy Thanksgiving; Canada had ours last month, so I get to work.

  3. Peter Read says:

    I’ll echo tlamothe – seems silly to certify on 2004 when 2006 is here, I was weighing up what to do to finish the sec track off myself…  (doing a sec+ seems a little like cheating…)

  4. ddamir says:

    I’ve passed this exam few weeks ago. It appeared on my transcript, however I still didn’t get the certificate you’re talking about. Hopefully it will appear too, soon.

    Anyway, thanks for the info, I hope that course will be available soon, I enjoy teaching ISA courses 🙂

  5. Bob says:

    Wow! We can take this exam at Prometric or VUE testing centers.

  6. tlamothe says:

    Yes, you can write at VUE, along as you have a voucher for VUE. Remember you can’t book new exams on a credit card but can use any remaining vouchers until Dec 31, 2007.

    I had to think about that for a minute when I saw that too.

  7. Marc Grote says:

    Hi @all,

    took this exam last week and passed :-). The exam is listed on the transcript but the MCTS isn’t displayed.

    I wonder why there is a new ISA Server 2006 exam which is not listed on the Microsoft learning site and there is also no corresponding Microsoft MOC course.

    regards Marc

  8. hartplaza says:

    After some searching around I found: The 70-351 is mentioned, but no additional information about the exam.

    The 70-351 is also mentioned at the partner website, under the requirements for Infrastructure Security Specialization"

  9. pedmil says:


    Trika, I have the same doubt as tlamothe.

    Will it count for achieving MCSE+S. It make sense it does, but since is the new generation and nothing is mentioned on the oficial website ?

    I’ll be waiting …

  10. R says:


    The link for the Training Kit is not working…

  11. Tim says:

    This has inspired me to start using MS products again! Trika, you are #1 in our book…

  12. says:

    Tim, you’re not funny. OK, you’re a little funny! YOU!!!!!!!

  13. Warwick James says:

    Passed this exam with nearly no exposure to ISA 2006. It was mostly relevant to 2004, which I work with every day…

    Exam was straight-forward, 40 questions!

    Just sit the dang thing!

  14. says:

    Thanks for the thanksgiving wishes. I had a nice time; I made half a turkey and stuffing. Triumph!

    RE: Your questions:

    1. GOt it that not showing as certification, just exams, on transcript. We’ll address that; no action from you.

    2. Yes, it counts to MCSA, MCSE 2003 Security specialization. I’m not sure about 2000, I’m asking.

    3. Web content is in development…

    R, what training kit link? Send me a mail, please

  15. says:

    RE: Point number 2, above.

    I may have spoken too soon. I’m taking it back (in the way of blog world, where it stays there, but I claim that I am taking it back) until further notice – i.e. until next Wednesday’s Live Meeting about Windows Server where I will ask this very question of our certification planners…

    In the meantime, don’t count on number two. Because, even though you can still see it, I take it back.

  16. Peter Read says:

    Aww & there I was on the verge of registering for it…  I’ll have to see if I can get to the live meeting…  (it kinda seems silly to say it wouldn’t count to me, but then I found it odd TS:Exch didn’t count towards MCSA/MCSE:M too)

  17. Peter Read says:

    Did we ever get confirmation on whether this will count towards MCSE:S?  The prep guide for the exam says yes I think, but the cert path says differently IIRC.

    Confirmation would be good (got a few ISA 2004 to 2006 upgrades coming up, seems silly to certify on outgoing tech)

  18. Yes. Exam 70-351: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006, Configuring : earns a stand-alone

  19. Yes. Exam 70-351: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006, Configuring : earns a stand

  20. neha says:


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