Building 18’s Most Wanted

I just got in to the office and unpacked my laptop bag to find a little Spanish banana (!) in the side pocket; I took it from the conference center in Barcelona on Thursday and forgot about it.

When I went through U.S. customs yesterday, I reported in the most blase fashion that I was not carrying any produce, which, as it turns out, was a lie, and I think that might be a felony.

In any case, here I sit, back at work; an accidental felon, an inadvertent scofflaw, with one small, browning banana.

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  1. Chris says:

    Here’s a tip for you, that I’ve always found useful in living my day-to-day life of being not-in-jail.

    – When you commit a felony… don’t admit it publicly in your blog. Especially when said blog is tied directly to your real name, and place of work. It makes it way too easily for the cops to find you that way. 😉

  2. Joe Bandana says:

    It’s people like you that give us normal banana consumers a bad name! Down with illegal importation of small, slighty discoloured spanish bananas. Im preping a plackard!

  3. jtb says:

    Time to dispose of the evidence?  I recommend cutting it in half and hiding it in a dish of ice cream…

  4. hartplaza says:

    And I almost felt guilty bringing home one of these "spanish almond-type things they’ve got sitting around in little packets at the conference center" ,…..

  5. So you answered the famous produce question incorrectly.

    If you had contacted the famous Thomas C. Tips first, you would have known the correct answers to all the questions asked of you on the "exam."

    He has ALL the correct answers!

    When we read sometime in the future that bananas are no longer grown in the State of Washington, we will know who to blame.

  6. says:

    Man, this banana. After poasting about this, I came back to my desk to find the Spanish banana (Spananaiard?) wearing a hand-crafted little origami hat. Then, in the morning, said fugi-nana was wearing little mardi-gras beads. This is not a good use of time. But it is making me laugh, out loud a little.

    OT: Hartplaza, I can not believe you did not identify yourself appropriately at TechEd. I remember meeting you, but at the time I did not know "Richard" to be HP, and that is too bad. But nice to meet you anyway!

  7. hartplaza says:

    I’m allways getting shy, meeting the famous,…

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