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A few bits of interest, if you care about Visual Studio 2008:

  • There is a "what's new" classroom training course you can take now
  • There are two free e-learning options - an e-clinic on "ASP.NET AJAX Extensions" (ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, no doi) and some intro e-learning for WPF, WCF, and Workflow
  • ...all can be found here.
  • RE: certification, check out Gerry's recent post on that very topic. We will be hosting a Live Meeting on developer certification (VS2005 +2008 +anything else you want to know) to announce & discuss with you - I will poast the registration info as soon as I have it.

If you care about SQL Server 2008:

Pass it on, she says furtively, through a mouthful of ripe banana.

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  1. kemp says:

    That’s one tiny banana!

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