Things to report include:

1. I'm about to get on a plane for London, that will be nice. It will be Diwali (nov 9) when I land, is what I hear.

2. As hostess gifts, I'm carrying two snack-sized bags of Tim's Cascade Chips/crisps, and an US magazine (gossip mag with britney spears on cover). As representative of my fine country, this is a little sad, but in a global economy, what can you do.

See you in Barcelona in a few days, if you'll be at TechEd IT Forum. I'm sorry I haven't answered your question, or repsonded to your e-mail. I've been busy, but I know that is still rude to not respond.

Your friend,


This just in: Tim's chips are really good. 

Comments (7)

  1. No problem that you didn’t reply to my e-mail yet! 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Barcelona…

  2. Adrian O'Connor says:

    What are hostess gifts? Is this a new thing or does it not apply to us Coach passangers aka "those people back thier"

    Enjoy Spain!

  3. Trika says:

    Hostess gifts are what you bring a friend when you are staying with them (I’m staying with a friend in London)… a gift for your hostess. No gifts for me in coach, either!

  4. Adrian O'Connor says:

    Ahh it all makes sense now!

    I just watched your interview on the Virtual TechEd site, you seemed to be having alot of fun although my "Learning Plan" wasn’t half as funny as I thought it would be…

  5. jtb says:

    Granted it may SEEM off-topic; but why aren’t 70-648 and 70-649 included in my certification planner ("")???

  6. Trika says:

    JTB, don’t know. I haven’t heard that from anyone else, but will forward to the team and ask them to confirm things are set up right.

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