Get certified on OCS 2007, woot


If you're so inclined, you may now certify on OCS. It takes one exam to earn Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Office Communications Server 2007. This is one of the cool things of our "new generation" certifications - we want people to be able to get certified on very specific technologies... then you can add more, or not, depending on what makes sense for you. The one exam in question is Exam 70-638: TS: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Configuring. A prep guide is in the works, but in the meantime:

  1. you can take the exam now, it's out. definitely use Second Shot before you register
  2. I'm posting the objective domain (topics covered, and percentage of content associated) below so you know what you need to be ready for
  3. you can check out one e-learning course ("getting started"--I think it is still free??) and download chapters from the rawkers in Microsoft Press, on the OCS learning portal:

Installing and Managing Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 (20%)

  • Determine the differences between the Standard Edition and the Enterprise Edition.
  • Prepare the environment for OCS 2007.
  • Request and configure certificates.
  • Configure address book service.
  • Manage coexistence between Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and OCS 2007.
  • Configure security features.

Deploying and Configuring OCS 2007 Clients (19%)

  • Deploy and configure Office Communicator 2007 clients.
  • Deploy and configure Communicator Web Access 2007.
  • Deploy and configure the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client.
  • Manage Office Communicator client migration.

Configuring Conferencing (15%)

  • Configure the A/V Conferencing Server.
  • Configure the Web Conferencing Server.
  • Configure the Conferencing Server policy settings.
  • Configure external conferencing access.

Configuring Enterprise Voice Functionality (14%)

  • Configure outbound routing.
  • Configure location profiles.
  • Configure phone number normalization.
  • Configure the Mediation Server.
  • Configure PC-based audio peripherals.

Configuring External Connectivity (18%)

  • Configure the Edge Server.
  • Configure Public IM Connectivity (PIC).
  • Configure federation.
  • Configure remote user access.

Monitoring and Maintaining OCS 2007

  • Monitor server resource utilization.
  • Isolate issues related to OCS 2007.
  • Back up and restore OCS 2007.
  • Configure event logging.
  • Install and configure IM archiving.
  • Install and configure Meeting Compliance.


End of post mini-quiz: what do you get if you add 20+19+15+14+18?

A. 100

B. Not 100, wtf

Comments (18)

  1. Helmer says:

    Ehh…nog 100, wtf 🙂

  2. haupt says:

    After seeing Chris Mayo’s talks here at TechEd Europe I’m just waiting for "TS: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Application Development". Please make that happen Trika 🙂

  3. Alice says:

    Apparently, the solution is that "Monitoring and Maintaining OCS 2007" should have the missing 14%. 🙂

  4. Jose Firebird says:

    Just what I was looking for and with a little humor, thanks!

  5. Lukas Beeler says:

    I’ve used one of my vouchers that i’ve got from Microsoft for the MCTS cert thingie, and will do this exam tomorrow at 0900.

    This is really going to be a hit or miss thing 🙂

  6. jtb says:

    so does that mean the percentages given are minimums or are there (as usual) questions about other MS products on the test?

  7. Trika,

    I tried to schedule an exam, but am getting the following error, even BEFORE choosing what exam I wanted:

    Microsoft Retake Policy Notification  

    Microsoft Retake Policy Notification – The selected exam has already been scheduled or taken. Microsoft candidates are only permitted to schedule or take an exam with the status of passed, pending, expired, or tested only 1 time.  

    Again, I hadn’t chosen an exam.

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, … ask whomever made the decision regarding Prometric to go back to Pearson Vue. At least their sign-up web pages worked.

  8. says:

    Haupt, I passed on your comment and this what I heard back "I think it’s a possibility. We will look into it and see if it would be a good investment."

    Lukas, congratulations.

    JTB, the weightings tell you how much of your exam score is tied to that topic area. Does that help? Not sure I understand your question. "Objective Domain (OD): Each Microsoft Certification exam maps to major topic areas determined by the Microsoft product team, technology SMEs, and the Microsoft Certification team. In general there are between five and seven of these topic groupings. The groupings and their subset topic areas are known as the exam’s Objective Domain.

    Blueprint: The blueprint of a Microsoft Certification exam defines the weighting for the Ojective Domain. In other words, how much of your exam score is determined by a particular topic area."

    Larry, 1. have you gotten help from the Prometric helpdesk to schedule your exam? 2. Did you send this feedback to 3. I’m sorry that sounds really annoying. Hang in there.

  9. David G says:

    Yesterday I passed the exam with a score of over 900! Woot! I failed the test in beta (missed it by 10 points). Since then I have deployed an OCS infrastructure and received a lot of online training. Just before the exam I read everything I could about OCS!

  10. says:

    David G, that’s really great. Congratulations.

  11. André Bessa says:

    Just passed with score 1000

  12. Ron Stevens says:

    I’m having troubles finding good learning material on this one.. I mean there’s the resource kit boot and some smaller free e-learning vids but thats about it. 🙁 I’m hoping to find some real video training on this product soon since i’m guessing its going to be quite popular.

  13. Nalin says:

    Can anybody let me know where to llok for Guides for the exam.

  14. nico says:

    a good train book would be nice,

    The resourcekit aint no reading material, nice to look things up, but its no learn book. instead of good books the MS advice seams to bo to have one year on the job training before you take the exam. Well isnt that the world upside down?

  15. Olaf Engelke says:

    "Retake Policy Notification."

    Is the message I get, if I want to register for an examen, which I did not take or try before after selecting a site for scheduling the test.

    This is very annoying (and no help is given) and I have to say from former test experiences, that VUE was not only better located for me, but also the staff and service was better.

    But since Prometric can play "monopoly"…

    Best greetings from Germany

    Olaf Engelke


  16. Trika says:

    Hi, Olaf. Make sure you post your feedback to, too – I’m not workign in certification any more and I want to make sure you’re comments are heard!



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