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Starting to find more and more MCPs in the Membership Directory, which is nice. Like Pedro in Colombia. Prompt as, that guy.

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  1. Dave [uk] ... Before the exam live date they said ! says:

    No trika in the membership directory though?

  2. Dave [uk] .. and while we're at it... says:

    And how many hats does a girl need? … perhaps you should share some with us .. mmm?  :o)

    Sharing is good. *nudge*.

  3. Helmer says:

    LOL and still there are only three Dutch guys found at the Search engine 🙁

    Hmm…my colleagues didn’t follow my instructions (http://blog.hznet.nl/index.php/2007/10/26/make-your-mcp-profile-public) i think…


    ps. Sharing is a good thing indeed!

  4. jtb-in-texas says:

    I’ve found than an ongoing program of obtaining relevant certifications and increasing responsibilities gets good results without the hat; but maybe the hat would get a bigger percentage raise?

  5. Rene van Stipriaan says:


    Look again 🙂

    A few more have joined in.

  6. @Rene : yeah..but they don’t have their profiles set to public. You can only be found if (by the Country filter) if you set you’re address to public 🙂 (as you can read in my instructions 😉 ).

  7. Chris L says:

    Umm, so how does one make ones self a public entity.

  8. @Chris : http://blog.hznet.nl/index.php/2007/10/26/make-your-mcp-profile-public

    read and ehh.download the Dutch PDF :p hmm..I can make an English one if you like 😉

  9. @Chris : Just follow the link I pasted above and read the instructions 😉

  10. @Chris : Just follow the link I pasted above and read the instructions 😉

  11. @Chris : Just follow the link I pasted above and read the instructions 😉

  12. pedmil says:

    Portugal is not invited 🙁 … yet …

  13. Helmer says:

    @Pedmil : Invited for what?

  14. jtb-in-texas says:

    attempting to reach


    gives me

    Server Error in ‘/library’ Application.


    The resource cannot be found.

    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    Requested URL: /library/errorpages/smarterror.aspx

  15. jtb-in-texas says:

    hmmm…  now it works…  imagine that!

  16. jtb-in-texas says:

    Definitely follow the steps in Helmer’s blog!!

  17. jtb-in-texas says:

    so far only 15 in the USA…  out of how many?

  18. Helmer says:

    @jtb-in-texas 😉 Thnx 🙂 hehe lucky for you guys I found time to make an English How-To 🙂 hehehe

  19. jtb-in-texas says:

    And we thank you!!

  20. Helmer says:

    @jtb-in-texas : If you wanna see how many MCPs there are worldwide just follow this link : https://mcp.support.microsoft.com/members/search.aspx?adv=1&name=&product=&certifications=MCP (filter only on MCP at Certifications).

    right now there are 340 Public registered MCPs 🙂

  21. Peter Read says:

    hmm…  made my email address MSFT+MCP, couple of days later the emails compromised along with my ebay account…  Must be coincidence though, it’d seem a weird way for a cracker to find a target

  22. Peter Read says:

    Hurrah regained control of my gmail.

    Also had mails re: charter certs for Vista and SP2k7 Dev.  Double hurrah.

    I’ll save the third til I know my 649 result 😉

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