I Like Your Hustle (or, Yes That E-mail Is From Us)

If you got an e-mail (or a few) from Lutz Ziob, our Microsoft Learning General Manager, about your welcome kit (or kits), that was from us, yes. Our fulfillment vendor sent it, that is why it did not come from someone@microsoft.com. In related news, I do not recommend saying "I like your hustle" to your general manager when you pass him in the hallway. In retrospect, you might think think to yourself, that it was kind of a dumb thing to say. 

But this just in: I like your hustle.

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  1. jtb-in-texas says:

    We like the consolation packages!

  2. Helmer says:

    Yeaaah…i’m a Charter Member now. What the heck is a MCTS Windows Vista Configuration Charter Member?! It that special? 🙂

  3. Elias Mereb says:

    Same here:

    MCTS: Windows vista Configuration

    MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician

    MCITP: Consumer Support Technician


  4. Cool Elias 😉 I’m also a MCITP Enterprise Support Technician Charter Member 😉

  5. mdalligood says:

    But this just in: I like your hustle.

    T, you forgot the "r" at the end of hustle.

  6. Charter Member used to mean in the first 5000 Certified. I’ve got a few of them around here somewhere and I too got 6 emails this evening with different "Charter" notices etc. The Charter doesn’t really hold any other special powers other than to say you were an early adoptor of whichever certification you happen to have chartered.


  7. Lukas Beeler says:

    Well now this is nice. 3 free exams, and MCTS Vista, Exch, MCITP Exch Charter..

    But on what should i use the vouchers? 🙂

  8. pskov01@hotmail.com says:

    Very nice to get the voucher. There will be new exams in ws08 so a lot to study for:-)

  9. KomatoZo says:

    Err… Am I in first 5000? I tought I wouldn’t… =)

    Trika, I received this message by a lucky chance – my Outlook put it in "Junk" folder and my antivirus mark it like spam =) I’d advise you guys to send such letters from MSFT domain =)  

  10. Rob.au says:

    Got the Vista trifecta like Elias. 🙂

    Amusingly I did the Consumer Support Tech using the voucher from the original Vista beta hullabaloo.

  11. Willie ware says:

    WoooooHooooo… I can’t believe they gave us Free Tests!!!! That is so freakin awesome… I’m all giddy like a kid!!!!  I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE IT.  I am so happy.  Microsoft just handed me a free MCSA, as I’ve only got 2 tests left to achieve that credential… that is wheneve they get the 070-621 fiasco fixed!!!


  12. Willie ware says:

    Can the voucher be used in combination with the Free Second Shot Voucher?

  13. Lucho Rozas says:

    A Little too diferent here:

    MCTS: Windows vista Configuration

    MCTS: BDD 2007

    MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician

    MCITP: Consumer Support Technician


    Greetings to all! After all, good news about Welcome Kits!

  14. Helmer says:

    @ Lucho : HMm…BDD 2007 is an interesting module to do 🙂 I think I’ll use one of my free vouchers for that one 😉

  15. I just recieved 3 emails from them yesterday also on becoming a charter member in;

    MCTS | Vista

    MCTS | Exchange

    MCITP | Exchange

    This is great… nice treat.

  16. Chance says:

    Sooo….stupid question, but are these vouchers usable at Prometric AND Vue or just Prometric?

  17. Joern Paul says:

    Hi Guys!

    Can i use the voucher also for MS Dynamics exam?

  18. Peter Read says:

    So what was the cut off for charter member?  i got the vista TS on 10 May so maybe….  I won’t have had the mail as my gmail account has been compromised and think that was my contact mail :-/

  19. Paul says:

    I got MCTS: 2003 server hosting by taking the beta exam but there is no charter for it….

  20. Yeaah….today there was an envelope with the mail 🙂 My MCITP E.S.T. Charter Member Welcome Kit.

  21. mooncalf says:

    hi guys,

    what were/are the requirements to get charter status? I know it used to be the 1st 5000 certified. was it or was it a timeframe within to pass the exam?

    I did my consumer support technician exam and there are only 179 in the world so thats why I am wondering


  22. Are there Charter certificates for the MCPD exams?

    If so, I didn’t get one.

  23. Trika says:

    All, there is no hard and fast rule on which exams have charter certificates and which do not. We’ll try to pull together more info on this – but generally the product managers will look at the market size, etc. and decide whether a charter cert makes sense.

    Willie, no can’t use in conjunctino with Second Shot.

    Joern Paul, yes, I believe it can be used on Dynamics exams, too.

    Chance, I think only at Prometric.

    Mooncalf, did you get a certificate for your CST of any kind yet?

    Larry, I don’t remember that far back 🙂 checking on it

  24. Trika says:

    Larry, as far as I can gather from my sources (!!!) we did not do charters for the VS2005 certs.

  25. William says:

    hey there is there any chance that charter are still avalible for any of the newer exams? 70-500 , MCTIP enterprise messanging, ent desktop, consumer desktop?

    also what about forefron will there me a TS and ITP cert coming for forefront?



  26. Trika says:

    Will, did you get an answer already?  there is an MCTS: Forefront, it requires 70-557. There is no MCITP at the moment but they are looking in to a security job-role cert for future….


  27. Mooncalf says:

    Hi Trika,

    I received a normal certificate for the CST.



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