System Center Cert live meeting recording

Here is the afternoon recording:

In addition to our presentation, you will hear a young child clamouring and a fire alarm blaring. Hopefully you will not hear me laughing, because I put myself on mute when I started cracking up.

Professional? Hell, yes. We're Microsoft!

Comments (7)

  1. tlamothe says:

    I was wondering if that was a fire alarm I heard.

  2. Peter Read says:

    Any news on 70-401 ?

  3. Peter Read says:

    So we’re on the countdown to 70-401 now are we?  (seems a good idea, been using SMS 2k3 for a while now & played with SCCM enough I think)

  4. says:

    Hi, Peter. The prep guide for 401 is now live, if you want to see what to start looking at for objectives:

    I’m assuming we’re on track for the beta kicking off later this month, will let you know what I hear.

  5. Peter Read says:

    Thanks Trika, I’ll stay tuned.  Sorry for the double post (first one didn’t show when I wrote the 2nd… hmm…)

  6. PLANS FOR SYSTEM CENTER & OPERATIONS CERTIFICATIONS Months ago we presented a Live Meeting about

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