System Center certifications

Don't forget the Live Meeting on Wednesday, if you are interested in System Center.

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  1. Willie ware says:


    Any word on when the branches are going to be fixed as it relates to the 70-621 satisfying the Client requirement for the certifications paths such as MCSA/MCSE 2003?


  2. Dan says:


    Will there be a link to watch a recorded version of the LiveMeetings or will there be an overview printed anywhere?  I’m currently at the System Center Partner Airlift and there will be another presentation at the same time of the next LiveMeeting.



  3. Trika says:

    Hey, Dan. Yes, I’ll post the recording in a few hours. If you have suggestions of how to get the word out to the airlift attendees, let me know! I can send you the deck and/or link.

  4. Dan says:

    Jeff Wettlaufer is the gentleman from Microsoft who is hosting the event.

  5. Yanze says:

    Thanks for the event, it was good and informational.

    The "print to pdf" didn’t work at my laptop, so where can I download an offline version of this meeting?

  6. Alice says:

    I’ve been trying to register for some other LiveMeetings since yesterday afternoon, and I keep getting this error message:

    Unknown Error

    An unknown error occurred while processing your request. This is most likely due to a connection failure. Please try again.

    Any idea what’s going on and when it will be fixed?

  7. dori says:


    could you provide the link for that webcast?


  8. Trika says:

    Alice, I dont know what was up, there. When you try and register, is there a help alias for World Wide events?  

    Roel, did you get the download deck I posted later?

    Willie, no. I asked last week for an update. Will let you know when I hear something.

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