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I am in San Diego, California, where people are going nuts, having learned that our listing of certified professionals now includes Microsoft Certified Trainers. Even the surfers, waiting for a wave next to the pier outside my window, are pumping their fists victoriously, stoked at the news. Number of MCTs, brah!

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  1. Helmer says:

    THNX 🙂 hehehe Any idea when the Win2k8 results will be public ? :p

  2. There is an interesting post over at

  3. Chris Randall says:

    Can I unbunch my panties now?

    (Thanks for including us trainer-types)

  4. Andy says:

    MCT’s Rule!

  5. Alice says:

    Yes! An update!

    Now that MCT *and* MCLC *and* MCA are in, how about some more of the missing ones? 🙂

    Also, I am curious why the page claims "Updated: October 15, 2007", when it was only just posted today… wasn’t up on Thursday or Friday, and certainly wasn’t up three days early. 😉

  6. Alice says:

    Hm… I’m wondering if we had another transposition, in the MCA numbers.

    In March, there were 27 Infrastructure and 54 Solutions (no Messaging or Database yet).

    Now, there are 31 Infrastructure, which is fine, but only 50 Solutions? Should this actually be 61, which is listed for Messaging? The 10 Database is probably right, so it appears that Solutions and Messaging should swap.

  7. jtb says:

    stay safe and away from the fires!  thanks for the update…

  8. Alice says:

    C’mon, inquiring minds want to know… Did we really LOSE four MCA:Solutions people (or add some and lose more than four) in the past six months?

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