Second Shot on your Academic exams

Hi, remember we were talking about 2nd shot for academic customers? Here is the link. The academic program is U.S. only.

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  1. Liza F. says:

    I went to the Academic Second Shot FAQ and now I’m all confused.  It said the 72 exams are the same as the 70 exams except that the 72s are the academic series–but when I looked at the 72 versions of the two 70 exams I’ve taken, the titles are all different:

    70-271: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System


    72-271: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0


    70-272: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System


    72-272: Designing, Implementing, and Managing a Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Infrastructure

    I’d love to take an academic version of 70-621 and upgrade my MCDST to MCITP Enterprise Support for half the price of a non-academic exam (I work for a university, so I think I’m eligible), but 72-621 is "Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional".

    So what’s going on with all these?  Is the FAQ wrong or the list of exam titles?


    Liza (who still thinks the hats are the snazziest, and wants to know where to take the exam to become a Certified Allthatandabagofchips)

  2. Ian Smith says:

    What isn’t clear in any of the promotional material for this "Second Pass" offer is that it has a 15% premium charge for those of us who bought Microsoft Press training kits based on their "15% discount on the exams if taken before 2010" offers. Because you can only use ONE "promotion" at a time. Prometric insist that this is at Microsoft’s insistence. So by all means take out insurance with Second Pass but realise you’re paying that 15% premium you could have saved by doing so.

    Not impressed!

  3. Liza F. says:

    Um, never mind on my question.  I just found out I did pass my 70-621 beta after all!  Wheee!  I’m MCTS and MCITP now!!!

    (Please excuse me, I’m rather happy at the moment.)  (But I’d still like to become a Certified Allthatandabagofchips too!)

  4. Trika says:

    Lisa, those exam titles are wrong (the MCDST section). I flagged it so hopefully will get fixed. BTW congratulations on 621!


  5. Jeff Wharton says:

    Any particular reason why this is limited to U.S. only?

  6. jtb says:

    Jeff, it might be related to the accreditation requirement…

  7. tlamothe says:

    Ian, isn’t that lovely.

    Any idea if that is on vouchers as well?

    We’ve been running the Ottawa Windows Server User Group Study group this fall. We bought exam vouchers for the students in the class. We’ve been telling the class, as we get to the end, book the exam and use the second shot. This way if you fail it, no big deal, you’ll get a second chance.

    Now I am afraid this isn’t going to work out. When I wrote my 70-290 exam in 2006, I combined a 50% off voucher with the second shot, it gave me the incentive to "go for it".  

  8. Trika says:

    Jeff (hi!), I understand it is supposed to extend to worldwide. I’ve just asked Bray for more info.

    Why this can’t be extended (Todd, I know we covered this on e-mail, but just in case others are interested…) Second Shot can not be combined with any other offers, including full-paid advance vouchers, Press book discount, or MCT discount. The thinking was that it is a pretty great offer (intended to get people to get out and take exams) by itself, so we haven’t set it up to be combined. It is an actual ‘voucher’ this year vs. in the past when it was set up as a ‘promotional code’ and as such could be stacked with corporate vouchers. The system will not allow stacking or switching of vouchers in this iteration.

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