Windows Server Case Study: Mak

If you are thinking to yourself, wow, these mini-case studies for Windows Server are really boring my head off, already, consider that:

a. Someone else might find them helpful. For example, Mak.

b. At least you are not in the juror's waiting room at the Kent Regional Justice Center, having your head bored off in the pursuit of justice.


Without further ado, a mini-Q&A, for Mak.

1. Do I need to complete MCSE2003 to move ahead with Windows Server 2008 Certs?

No. Although there is a shorter path to 2008 from 2003-certified customers, there is no requirement to hold 2003 before you earn your 2008 certs.

2. Can I, from MCSA2003 move directly to Exchange server 2007 Certification?

No. There is no upgrade path from 2003 certifications (Server certs or :Messaging specializations) to Exchange Server 2007 certifications. The Exchange certifications are completely stand-alone now, making it more accessible and relevant (we hope) for people who specialize:

3. Eventually I would also like to cover MCSE Security Specialist equivalent in Windows Server 2008. Can you provid me a detailed path for this?

We are working on security-related certifications (more on this in another post--and in an upcoming Live Meeting) but we do not have a Windows Server 2008 security specialization in development.

Comments (2)

  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    Thanks for the info about the security related certs, Trika, I definitely look forward to the LiveMeeting, et al, as well as any other opportunities in this area.  Its a great focus area for customers right now, what with SOx, PCI, and a host of other security implementation requirements on our clients.

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