Windows Server Case Study: Kevin

Kevin asked: "How long do I have to get my MCSE before it gets replaced with the new certification?"


Short answer:

  • Hi, Kevin.
  • You have years, yet, to finish your MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2003.
  • You have until March 2008 to finish your MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2000.
  • In either case, the MCSA and MCSE will not be 'replaced' by the new certifications--they will live side by side.

Longer answer:

Hello, Kevin. Thanks for your question. How are you?

The MCSA and MCSE won't be retired - but at some point, the associated EXAMS do retire, so it is no longer possible to earn the certifications. In the case of Windows Server 2000 exams, those are set to retire in March 2008.

We don't have a planned retire date for the Windows Server 2003 exams... but you can imagine it won't be any time soon (2000 exams retiring in 2008...) and there will be a year's notice before the exams retire.

The MCSA and MCSE (for Server NT, 2000, 2003) will continue to live side by side with MCTS and MCITP (for Server 2008). The new 2008 certs will be available sometime in early 2008 (after the technology releases to manufacturing)... but for a LONG TIME TO COME after that, you can continue to start and complete your MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2003.

If you work wtih 2003, you'll earn your MCSE; if you work with 2008, you'll earn your MCITP; if you work with both, you can earn both.

Comments (3)

  1. Alice says:

    I’d like to know what the plans are for the SQL exams, too, please. I posted a question about this a while ago on an older post (haven’t been able to find it again just now), and haven’t seen any information yet.

    Since the SQL 2000 exams for MCDBA are in the same cycle position as the Windows 2000 exams for MCSE — meaning, a new version two generations ahead is supposed to be coming out in 2008 — are the SQL 2000 exams going to be discontinued in late 2008?

    When I first asked about this, I had seen an article recently that said SQL Server 2008 was currently on schedule to be released in mid or late 2008.

    If so, I’d think this (and the plans for the SQL 2008 exams) would be announced rather soon?

  2. Peter Read says:

    I’m interested in SQL 2k8 info too, being an MCDBA.  Guessing there isn’t much info yet (other than the pre-release builds with are looking fairly good good – filestreams are a feature that’s been needed for a while, especially if Sharepoint utilises them when using a SQL2k8 backend.  If it isn’t planned to go tell the product teams it should ok Trika? 😉 )

    I’m presuming the MCDBA won’t disappear any time soon, since there’s not been an alternative very long really.  But it’d be nice to get a SQL2k8 cert on the list.

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