There are only 6,219 people certified as MCTS: Vista right now. That is 2,000 more, approx, than last month. But still, not very many. So those of you who are MCTS: Vista, I recommend that you swagger around your office with your little chest puffed out, smirk at your boss, and patronize your colleagues. You'll be a hit!

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  1. Helmer says:

    Hi Trika,

    I already talked about it with my boss and he gave me a 20% raise 🙂

  2. Sean says:

    I could swagger, puff my chest out, smirk and patronise my colleagues and be a hit on the town BUT only if I owned a hat…. a hat, which said Certified MCTS: Vista

  3. mdalligood says:

    Sean I agree! Not so much as a pin this time around. I look pretty stupid with this laminated copy of my certification hanging around my neck everyday… MCP Program, GET WITH IT! It is time to let us be recognized!!!

  4. Sean says:

    Arrrr good point Ryan, but what about the wooden leg? I’d like to be seeing certified wooden legs in all future Welcome Kits Arrrr

    Man, I’m going to have to stop talking like a pirate or my employer is going to make me walk the plank. I mean, Im going to get fired…… Arrrrr

  5. Alice says:

    mdalligood – The bad news is, they said in last month’s MCP Flash that they’re going to stop offering pins even for the previous-gen certs! (MCSE, etc) 🙁 Geez, enough with the penny-pinching.

    They are clearly not of great importance, but it’s the principle of it… I wanted to ‘complete the set’ that I’d thought I would be earning.

    If they refuse to continue including the pins in the welcome kits, at least make them available in the eStore for a couple of bucks (but only with appropriately low and combinable postage!).

    Otherwise, maybe I’ll have to start asking around for people who don’t want their pins? 😉

  6. Dave [uk] waiting for a 649 pin that'll never come... says:

    I can hock you an MCSE 2003 pin if you don’t have one already? .. I’ll trade for an MCTS on SQL 2005..?

  7. Hi Guys this is George, the new MCP guys. I agree, we need to stop penny pinching. that’s why I’m taking all my pennies, quarters and other areas to get some really cool stuff for you guys. Come to our live meeting webcast. I’ll explain more, but I would rather underpromise and over deliver. stay tuned guys.

    George, MCSE NT4/Windows 2000(Yes, I’m working on my Windows 20003 and then to windows 2008.)

  8. Alice says:

    Dave: Nope, I don’t have an MCSE pin yet, since I’ve still got a few tests left. But I’m no help on the MCTS situation, sorry. 😉

    George: I definitely plan to attend! Still 2.5wks to wait, though.

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