In addition to Bill Wall and George from MCP, we had Per Farny on the line in this morning’s MCP program update. Per talked a little about the Ranger program. If you’re interested in the advanced certifications from Microsoft, call in and hear what Per has to say. We’re doing another session at 5pm PST. October…


Date change: SQL Server 2008 Live Meeting

The SQL certs live meeting moved from November something to December 12. 2007. I think Alice already pointed this out in a comment on here somewhere. That’s our Alice! On top of things.  If you already registered, there is NO ACTION REQUIRED. The reg system should roll you over to the new date and send…


Download slides about Vista, Exchange, Server certs (finally)

We intend to transcribe our Live Meetings and post the PowerPoint slides and talking points for MCPs to download. So far, you can get the Windows Server 2008 cert preview deck and the Vista/Exchange cert deck. These are only available on the MCP site–and that is because we want these in the hands of already-certified professionals…


dont be skerred, surressly.

It is Halloween here. At Microsoft it is kind of a big deal, campus pretty much shuts down and people bring their kids, and their kids bring people, and thousands go trick-or-treating through the hallways, bangin’ out adorable pleas for candy in little costumes. Microsoft’s campus rules for today include: No pyrotechnics Hay bales and corn stocks…


Look yourself up

Starting to find more and more MCPs in the Membership Directory, which is nice. Like Pedro in Colombia. Prompt as, that guy.


I Like Your Hustle (or, Yes That E-mail Is From Us)

If you got an e-mail (or a few) from Lutz Ziob, our Microsoft Learning General Manager, about your welcome kit (or kits), that was from us, yes. Our fulfillment vendor sent it, that is why it did not come from someone@microsoft.com. In related news, I do not recommend saying “I like your hustle” to your general…


Home of Chicken and Waffles

70-648 and 70-649 are now live; commence 2008 upgrade frenzypalooza. I just tested it on the Prometric site and was able to nearly, just almost, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink register, so I feel confident telling you those exams are now live in English, worldwide. Prep guide for 70-648 Prep guide for 70-649 If you would like your beta results, “a source…


Punch to Head: More Pleasant than MCA Review?

I think these posts on the actual process of applying for and sitting your panel review for Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) are interesting. There is good reason that the MCA has such a great reputation–it is a pretty thorough process… Richard was at Microsoft when he went through his early-days MCA process (he passed) Congratulations to Natasha…


System Center Cert live meeting recording

Here is the afternoon recording: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/eventsnew/view?id=msft102407lm_pm&pw=AET8H4&cn= In addition to our presentation, you will hear a young child clamouring and a fire alarm blaring. Hopefully you will not hear me laughing, because I put myself on mute when I started cracking up. Professional? Hell, yes. We’re Microsoft!


The Best Dumps One Can Imagine.

You may have noticed that people post to the certification newsgroups asking where to find “braindumps,” word exam cheat sheets, etc. This could be because they don’t know better, or use the term differently*, or they might really be looking for a shortcut. In any case, some MCPranksters tell these people to contact TCTips@microsoft.com (Microsoft Learning’s anti-piracy team) to request…