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For those of you waiting on a welcome kit, thanks for hanging in there. I know that the team here is working with our shipper to get these out to you.

As a reminder, this is re: the known issue of welcome kits not shipping as planned to those of you who have earned some of the new generation certifications.

If you're one of the good, recently (or not so recently, in some cases) certified professionals checking the mail every day for your welcome kits, please accept my, our, apology. There is no action required; the kits will be shipping soon and you will receive an e-mail notification from the shipper (and an apology from us) when they are on their way. I'll let you know as soon as I get word they are en route, too.

Thank you again for your patience.







Another hat idea. But we will change this one to "Waiting for my welcome kit. Since 1857."

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  1. Alexander Trofimov says:

    >> "Waiting for my welcome kit. Since 1857."

    Good idea. I know many people who would order one =)

    And… One dumb question. Not that I’m very interested in but I’m getting a lot of question about it. Suppose, I’d passed my very first "New generetion" certification, say, 70-620 exam. Then I received a certificate with "MCTS" inscription. No word about Vista: Configuration. Is it OK? I saw many pics over the internet with inscription such as MCTS: SQL2005 and so on…

  2. Frank says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing…

  3. Leonardo says:

    I am about to do my 70-620..am gonna have to wait that long? i thought this was suppose to be new and improve better service!!

  4. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Hey, ALexander and Frank. Not a dumb question. What SHOULD happen:

    You take 70-620 and this is your first ‘new gen’ MCTS. As you know, you earn MCTS: Vista, where MCTS is the credential and Vista Config is the certification.

    In the mail, you should get

    1. certificate for MCTS

    2. certificate for MCTS: Vista Configuration.

    THen if you take 70-622 to earn your MCITP: Enterprise SUpport, you would also get two things in the mail:

    1. certificate for MCITP

    2. certificate for MCITP: Ent Supp

    From there on out, you would only receive the 2nd certificate when you earn a new certification — you only get the CREDENTIAL certificate once.

    E.g. you go on to earn your MCTS: Active Directory… you just get one certificate (MCTS: AD) in the mail.

    Does that help?

    In a bizarre twist, they are not set up to ship together, so it is normal (but dumb) that the certificates are being shipped separately.

  5. trikah@microsoft.com says:


    If you’re planning to do your 620 in the next week or two, shipments should be back on track by the time you order your kit anyway…

    Good luck on 620.

  6. klimb22 says:


    In that case, we should get all four certificates  when we upgrade our MCDST by taking 70-621. Or is there a special certificate for this transition?

  7. Alexander Trofimov says:


    I’ve got _o_n_l_y_ MCTS credential certificate. Not Vista:Configuring. I’m going to check that again today so that not to deceive you. But if it’s true then it could be the reason for such many questions received by me. (I’m actually have enough statuses and awards from MSFT, but my peers still are worrying about it =) )

  8. Peter Read says:

    I’m fairly sure I only got the MCTS one when I passed Sharepoint 2k7 Dev, will have to check that.  Are we able to get the one we’re missing if we’ve not got both?

  9. mooncalf says:

    Are earlier achievers (1st 5000) still getting earlier achiever on their certificates?


  10. cipollini22 says:


    I think not. On 6th january i take the 70-621 beta exam, but i had no time to take the second one. The result came in mid-june.

    Now (August) there are about 950 MCITP Enterprise support technicians. But i didn’t receive an charter certificate as i did for my MCDST exam in 2004.

  11. Alexander Trofimov says:

    Trika, I have to confirm that I received only the "credentials" cert. Are they (certificate for MCTS & certificate for MCTS: Vista Configuration) to come together or in two packages?

  12. Since you used one of my suggestions, does that mean I "win"?

    BTW, I chose 1857 because there was a "Panic of 1857" (economic downturn in the United States), and since certified people help out in panic situations, it subtly suggests that the wearer of the hat can help out in computer panic situations.

  13. Alice says:

    If this has happened to anyone else and they were wondering if they were the only one…

    I took 620 and 622 out of order: 70-622 during the beta (71-622) twice, and then 70-620 live last weekend (didn’t get a spot in that beta). I did pass both.

    Today, I was able to request the general MCTS welcome kit and the MCTS:VistaConfig welcome kit. (Alexander: It sounded like they would be coming separately.)

    However, the general MCITP and MCITP:EnterpriseSupport kits are not available to me yet. (I had thought they would show up at the same time, once the MCTS test was in the system, since the MCITP test has been on my transcript for months now.)

    We shall see if they show up on my account later, or if this is another glitch.

  14. Alexander Trofimov says:

    It sounds so, but I’m just waiting for acknowledgement from MSFT official. =)

  15. Alice says:

    Okay, good news, the MCITP kits did show up on my account today.

  16. jtb says:

    AFAIK, the Welcome Kits only provide generic certificates…  mine from 70-621 state only MCTS and MCITP (although the transcript provides details).

  17. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Alexander, always listen to Alice!!!!

    Yes, they should be coming separately 🙂

  18. Alexander Trofimov says:

    Trika, I’ll do so =)

    Actually, I received my second certification 3 days ago, but I was too busy at Platform2008 Russia to write here about it. Thank you anyway for information, help and patience =)

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