Just sittin’ here, with nothing to do.

Except put little fake slogans on hats*. Trying out some of your suggestions. Here's one for the ladies.

Here's one for AUS and NZ peeps.


I actually do, occassionaly, do something more substantive than this. But this is fun as, so here we are.

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  1. Hal says:

    Bad Syntax Error

    Incorrect usage of ‘is fun as’

  2. mdalligood says:

    How about Certified I HATE EVERYTHING I.T. DAY.

    What a day. User deletes all documents. Physical hard drive failure. Unmountable Boot Volume. Vague and sporatic BSOD (still working on that one, running debugger now). Installation of RAM. Setup 2 new Vista PCs. Sell, install and configure remote backup solution. And the hits just keep on coming… I need a hug.

  3. Sam says:

    I think Certified "Dumb as" would be more suitable….lol

  4. Brian says:

    Imagine the extra fun you could have with a Bedazzler!

  5. Chris Lehr says:

    Why can’t geek hats EVER look cool.

    I dont even like sports, and all my friends always give me crap for wearing sports related hats.  Only because they are the only fitted hats that look good.

    Now, if my MS Windows Mobile hat looked good instead of the velcro back with the handy 46 character URL around the semi circle of http://partner.microsoft.com/mobilitysolutions on it, and the longer than any other ballcap hat brim, I just might wear it.

  6. Andrew Fryer says:

    Can I order one with Certifiable on please.

    or Certified Muppet – check http://blogs.technet.com/andrew/archive/2007/09/20/certified-muppet.aspx

  7. Malissa says:

    How do I get one of these hats?

  8. Dave (UK) .. STILL Waiting to find out that 70-649 result. says:

    Ooooh you’re a tease. You promise us free hats and then wave pictures of them right under our noses.

    Certified / teaser of certified professionals

  9. Martin says:

    Hi Trika,

    besides of the hats’ pictures – is there any photo of you? I didn’t find any in this blog.

    Kind regards,


  10. Wesc says:

    "Why can’t geek hats EVER look cool."

    Yeah! Gimme a fez hat. Gimme gimme gimme.

    "What a day. User deletes all documents."

    You should know by now that users suck. All of them. When they’re not busy breaking something they’re busy not knowing how to do anything. I can’t print. I can’t get email. I can’t find my files.

    Waaah. Wahh. I’m a user. I’m a user. Give me EVERYTHING. Wahh.

  11. James Finley says:

    I like the Smart As one.  Love to get my hands on one of those.



  12. Bill says:

    I’ll need about 20 of the hats that read Smart As*

  13. Trika says:

    Martin, no, nope, absolutely not. I’m shy.

    Wesc, I enjoyed your comment so much now everytime something goes wrong I start going ‘Waaaaaah. Waaah. I’m a user. Waaaaaaaah.’ and I love it love it. Waah.

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