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As Alice noted, the numbers certified WW page has been updated:

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  1. Trika, just curious, but do the numbers compensate for the few certified folks who have passed away, or does Microsoft see dead people as still certified? I have a sixth sense that they do.

    Or perhaps once you become certified you become immortal, which case there should be caps that say "Certified Immortal."

    For those interested, I am storing the past numbers in a blog entry on my Live Spaces page. I am also gradually migrating some other certification information I have there.

  2. Chris Randall says:

    Where are the MCTs? Please have the number of MCTs added to that list.

  3. mdalligood says:

    Are you sure this is complete? I don’t see my number? Which one am I — 1,882 or 1,883?

    This is so confusing… 🙂

  4. says:

    I believe when we finish screwing the pooch we can begin incorporating MCT numbers.


    I think MCT numbers will be added, really. Hope you are good!

  5. Brian says:

    How about Microsoft Dynamics (the red-headed stepchild of Microsoft Learning)?

  6. Totally off topic, but I just noticed that the Preparation Guide for 70-549 contains several errors, mainly that it is the guide for 70-548!


    For example, in the "Exam news" section:

    This Professional Developer (PRO) Exam 70-548: PRO: Designing and Developing Windows-Based Applications by Using the Microsoft .NET Framework became available May 15, 2006.

    Is C++ available for the 70-549 as listed? Considering it is not available for the 70-529 exam, I would doubt it.

    Can the great and powerful Trika get this corrected?

  7. says:

    Hi, Brian. I can pass that request along. as you probably know we have traditionally been separate organiations – only recently are we tied together so much of both orgs still operates separately. Including responsibility for the all important listing of numbers of certified professionals.


    Would be nice if we could post that, too.

    Larry, how embarrasing. thank goodness for you. I just passed that along and we’ll get it updated right away. And by that I mean, before 2008.

  8. I’m sitting here trying to figure out if screwing the pooch is somehow mutually exclusive with bunched panties….. 🙂

  9. Robin Lee says:

    Can this data be split into countries?  That would be more useful.

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