Register for your free ‘Second Shot’ on your next exam

As of now, you can get going on your next exam knowing that if you don't pass it, you can take it again for free. A reminder of how it works, a complicated two-step process.

  1. Register for the offer FIRST via
  2. Then register for your exam via Prometric

Follow up to your earlier questions:

  • This is good for any MCP (70-XXX) exam or Dynamics exam.
  • This can not be used with academic exams (72-XXX), but a similar program for Academic will be announced in October.
  • Can not be combined with any other offers or vouchers you already have in-hand.
  • You can only use your free second chance on the exam you failed (i.e. if you pass it, you don't get to go and take any old other exam for free)
  • You can get the offer on more than one exam; after your first registration you will receive an e-mail that should explain how to set up a second shot on additional exams.

Good luck, my testing friends. But not as much luck as I normally might wish you, because now you have a second shot. I'm not so worried.

Comments (22)

  1. R says:


    You say it is good for any 70-xxx exam.  But the microsoft site says it is good for any IT Pro exam.  Does this mean that I cant use it for 70-620 which is a TS exam and not an It Pro exam?

    Thanks in advance….

  2. Adm!n0ff says:

    Hi Trika!

    Is that right that I can use this offer not only for my first MCP exam?

    Thank you in advance!



    MCP, MCDST, MCTS: Windows Vista, MCSA 2003

  3. Aperte le registrazioni per l’offerta Second Chance di Prometric

  4. Prometric mentioned earlier last week to use its RSS feed to learn immediately of the Second Chance announcement. Well, it appears they’re slow (or no Prometric web developers working over the weekend). It’s the day following the announcement and still no update on the RSS feed.

    Thanks, Trika, for announcing what Prometric should’ve announced first. I now know where to come for updated info and it’s not Prometric. LOL

  5. says:

    Alexey, you can use the offer, even if it is your 500th exam. It does not have to be your first MCP exam.

  6. says:

    R, you MAY use it on 70-620, or any other exam starting with 70-XXX.

    When the page says IT pro or developer exam, we mean any of exams for those audiences. So we mean any of our certification exams for the "IT professional", not just exams to earn an MCITP certification–sorry it is confusing! I’ll send that feedback to the 2nd Shot team; maybe that can explain it better.

  7. Hadi Teo says:

    Hi Trika,

    I would like to know whether it’s possible to combine this offer with Gold Certified Partner offer (30% discount).

    Thank you for your help.


    Hadi Teo

  8. R says:


    Did you read the whole post? hehe

    It says:

    "Can not be combined with any other offers or vouchers you already have in-hand. "

  9. dschwarz says:


    Thanks for posting the link on your blog to sign up for the second shot.  The MCP site needs to be updated with info on how to sign up.  I called MCP support and they told me the site will be updated on Sept 20th.  I also did a search on Second Shot and your blog did not come up.  Thanks.


  10. JPE says:

    I registred for 70-441 today at Prometric and there was nowhere to input any kind of voucher numbers? Neither Second Chance nor the 15% discount from the MS Selfpaced books?!

    In the past I have allways used VUE and they have two input fields for vouchers in their registration pages/proces.

    Do I need to say that I am not that happy about my first experience with Prometric? And that I am not looking forward to the discussing with Prometric about a free second try in case I fail the first attempt.

    Is it me having a bad day or is Prometric way behind in updating their homepage?

  11. JPE says:

    Hmm .. a friend told me about a link to press in the top of a page, you need to scroll down to read. If you press this link in the top you should be able to get your chance to enter a voucher number. Why hide it away in such a manner?

    Now the problem is to Cancel the examn in order to create a new examn – this time with an activated second chance. Prometrics homepage will not accept to cancel a appointment for friday this week – four days ahead?! Who programmed that buggy routine?

    Yihaa – Sorry for bothering you guys with this crying face but "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" – I wonder why MS did shut down a efficient business like VUE and replaced it with a company like Prometric?

  12. says:

    Second shot info is updated on MCP as of an hour ago!

    No, can not combine with other offers.

    JPE, sorry for the bad experience. I just registered for an exam and WAS prompted to enter a voucher number on the "Payment Information " page, at the very top. "Promotion Code or Voucher: Do you have a Promotion Code or Voucher?". Maybe you can contact their helpdesk and ask them to apply your voucher number to your existing registration?  

  13. Hadi says:


    Thanks "R" and "Trika" for your reply. Apologize for not reading it carefully.



  14. Alice says:

    Further proof that Prometric’s website is incredibly frustrating and difficult to use compared to PearsonVue’s, and Microsoft really should insist that they improve it…

  15. Rob E says:

    This is a completely useless promotion for so many people given that you can only use it with credit card purchases and not the vouchers that most companies give their employees…

  16. Oliver Chen says:

    I thought the Second Shot promotion comes from Microsoft. Prometric is just company that delivers the test content.

    Can I register with VUE since I passed 3 exams there already? Also, does it have to be the first exam and cannot be the 4th exam?

  17. says:

    Oliver, this is a Microsoft/Prometric program; it is not offered through VUE. It does not have to be your first exam. It could be your 50th exam. Good luck!

    Rob, per my e-mail I passed that feedback on to the program owners.

    Alice, did you report your bad expereience to

  18. I’d like to point out that sign-up/announcement page on the MS site DOES NOT state it is Prometric only, and in fact I only found out after looking at the final URL after requesting a voucher that it was Prometric, and under NZ law at least it probably constitutes misleading advertising.

    I had to pass on this in the end since I could not book 2 exams at once on the Prometric site, and after being cut off calling their call centre twice I was asked for additional information from the Dynamics site (which promptly broke, whole separate issue there), and they never called me back despite saying they would.

    Additionally, for the month of December in my city, 2 centres had 0 days available, 2 had 1 and 1 had 4 days.  and unlike Pearson, the nearest centre was a forty minute drive away.  The only centre I could book with was a 55 minute drive away, in a part of town with a reputation for having no parking available.

    Pearson I have one a 5 minute walk away, and another a twenty minute drive away.  Both of which had spaces.

  19. says:

    Hey, Roger. I sent your feedback on to our marketing team to make sure we are clearly explaining where the offer applies. THank you for the feedback. And, I sent it to our Microsoft Learning/Prometric team so we have record of your poor experience. Small comfort, I’m sure. BUt thanks for letting me knwo what’s up so we can keep tracking and improving!

  20. Devon says:

    I love how the ‘second shot’ offer gives you a discount code at the end of your ‘passed’ exam, which makes you think it carries the offer over to the next exam you want to take.  Congratulations, by taking and using this code, you can’t actually get your second shot, because you took a ‘discount’.  *scratches head* What the, what about my second shot?  Sorry you’re screwed, Microsoft just took your money and made you believe you had a second shot, when in actuality, you just got a discount.  Wow that is annoying, I’m not taking any more MCP exams now as I’m pissed and Microsoft won’t give me my second shot on the exam I had believed it to be good for.  Canned responses from MCPHelp anly amplify my aggravation and puts my reputation for Microsoft certification in the toilet.  

  21. Devon says:

    To add more to the marketing confusion…. I don’t think based on this email I received that I’m crazy for thinking that the second shot offer and discount are combined based on the wording of the marketing email I received.  –Devon

    The email I got stated the following:

    Congratulations on passing your Microsoft Certification exam between October 15, 2008 and December 31, 2008!


    As part of the Second Shot Offer, you qualify to get 25% off any additional exam scheduled from now until February 28, 2009.

    Just use the same Second Shot voucher code that you used to schedule your initial exam at the time of scheduling your new exam.

    Visit to schedule your exam.

  22. Devon says:

    This was actually ultimately resolved via MCP help alias, I am no longer ticked off and will hopefully pass the second time around!

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