Breathless with Anticipation (or, Certification Live Meetings)

We have a few Live Meetings coming up - no reg links yet but here is what is in the works. I'll add dates and registration links as they are finalized; plus new meetings as we lock them down. Any requests? Suggestions?

  • October 24, 2007: Rob Linsky will present on System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) certs in Introducing System Center Certifications

  • October 2007: some cool new preview stuff for MCPs...details coming!

  • November 2007: Transition from MCSA and MCSE to Windows Server 2008 Certification (after the exams are out in late October we'll do a reminder on the upgrade path and related training)

  • November 2007: A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Certification or something similar. I know there is a need for this and we've talked about it a lot - but recently got a well thought-out agenda suggestion from one of you kids (THANKS WAYNE) and so we don't have any excuse not to run with it. I went to an exam cram at TechEd US this year, and found the info incredibly helpful - we'll probably do some kind of hybrid and record it, so people new to exams understand what to expect.


  • TBD: Sharepoint Certifications

  • TBD: Deciphering Dev Cert (VS2005, upgrades, and Orcas) 

  • TBD: Rad New Stuff in Testing Technology

  • Early 2008 (when WS2008 exams are live): Windows Server 2008 Certification from the Ground Up

Comments (12)

  1. says:

    PS Larry, I knwo you are going to ask, NO I have not taken 70-620 yet. I’m embarrassed! Stop asking. You can bet I’ll report as soon as I do, I’ll be crowing about it all day long.

  2. Let me know if you need any help.

  3. Yanze says:

    I’m really looking forward to the courses, exams and certifications for SCCM 2007 🙂

  4. Larry West, MCSD, MCPD, MCITP, MCTSx5, et al. says:

    Actually, I wasn’t going to ask about it (and I haven’t asked in a long time). I’m too busy studying for 70-632/70-633/70-634 (the Project exams) and 70-547 (MCPD:Web) hoping that a Prometric test center here will soon offer Saturday and/or evening exam times. (I miss Vue already.)

    Any ideas where I can get my hands on some cheap or free vouchers?

    BTW, I hear if you sign up for the exam after Sept. 15th, you can get a free retake, so now you don’t have an excuse not to take the 70-620 already. (Will the second-chance still be available when the 70-634 goes live in January? I don’t see any end date for this promotion mentioned anywhere.)

    My wish list obviously includes more information about the Project certifications – something like the sample questions that were on the 70-630/70-631 SharePoint webcasts earlier this year, which I would strongly recommend to those thinking about taking one of those exams.

  5. Varanusz says:


    Under "SSCM and SSOM" do you mean "SCCM and SCOM" or did the renaiming commando hit the product again?

  6. Leonardo says:

    Thanks for the info trika…the guide will do alot for some of my friends here.

  7. says:

    Roel, Varanusz: i’m a dork and mistyped. Updated above, now!

  8. Question:

    Will there be an exam for SharePoint Designer? or Expression Web? If yes, what numbers should I be looking for? and when will they be available?

    Thanks – Hermine Turner

  9. says:

    Hey, Hermine. Within the next few weeks, i’m hoping to start publishing a monthly list of all exams/certifications that are in development, with a projected release date (month). Feel free to bug me about this if you don’t see anything similar in the next few weeks from me. OK?

  10. Alice says:

    Regarding ‘exams/certs in development’: great!

    I am currently wondering about the SQL Server situation. SQL Server 2008 is supposed to be coming out in mid-2008. I am curious about both the new exam release plans, and also what will happen to the MCDBA exams (SQL Server 2000). There doesn’t seem to be any info available on either topic yet.

    Since the Windows 2000 exams are being retired around the time Server 2008 comes out, I am guessing that we similarly only have about a year left until the SQL Server 2000 exams are discontinued?

  11. This is to show appreciation of all the information given to me, I want to say a BIG thank you.N/B;Iam keenly interested especiacially in the live upcoming meeting.

      Please, let me know how and when to make it.

  12. This is to show appreciation of all the information given to me, I want to say a BIG thank you.N/B;Iam keenly interested especiacially in the live upcoming meeting.

      Please, let me know how and when to make it.

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