2nd Chance Exam Offer Extravaganza

If you are about to register for an exam, take note. If you are not about to register for an exam...  what's wrong with you?

Starting September 15, you will be able to get a free second chance to pass your exam (MCP or Dynamics). How it works is you register for the offer, THEN register for your exam. You can't do this yet, but we wanted to let you know it is coming so you can plan ahead and not miss out. Because it is really nice to know that if you don't pass, you can go in and do it again for free.

Not that you won't pass. 

I'm sure you'll, um, pass. The first time. 



But, you know, if, somehow, you don't, or whatever.

I'm just saying.

Get more info from Prometric.

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  1. irishmike0412 says:

    have the "old" MCSD.NET and am pondering the upgrade to the "MCPD: Enterprise Applications Developer".  


    1.  When (release date) were the upgrade exams Exam 70–553 and Exam 70–554 originally made available?

    2.  Any idea on the retire date of the "MCPD: Enterprise Applications Developer".  I am getting a little pissed with the pace that micrsoft is changing its exam curriculum. And don’t want to waste my time with it, if it will be short lived (retired soon)


  2. A partir del 15 de Septiembre Microsoft liberará una promoción Second Shot , la cual nos permite tomar

  3. Jeff Wharton says:

    Hi Trika,

    Do you know whether this offer can be used in conjunction with Academic exams and vouchers.



  4. Ken W says:

    Is this just for Prometric testing centres or will it apply to Vue testing centre’s also?


  5. as says:


    You can’t register to take Microsoft exams at VUE anymore (post August 31st), so I’d imagine since the order is: Register 2nd Chance, Register Exam with Voucher Code, Profit… I’d say VUE only.

  6. as says:

    I am an idiot.  I meant PROMETRIC only.  

  7. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Yes Prometric only.

    To be exact, though, you CAN take exams with VUE, still, but the cut off for PURCHASING your exam with them was August 31. THey are still fulfilling on vouchers you have and still setting up our new releases and offering them until December.

  8. Brian says:


    After you find out whether this offer can be used in conjunction with Academic exams and vouchers, could you check out whether we can use it with the MCT discount? Neither answer can be discerned from the Prometric web site.

  9. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    You can not use this offer in conjunction with any other offers (i.e. MCT offers).

  10. As noted in a new Trika posting, soon you will be able to take an exam over in case you didn’t pass the first time. You can get the details on how to get into this program here.

  11. Alice says:

    Re: Jeff Wharton: "Do you know whether this offer can be used in conjunction with Academic exams and vouchers."

    The last time that a free 2nd Chance offer was running, I successfully used it when registering for an academic-discount exam (the ones that cost half as much and have the 72-nnn numbers instead of 70-nnn).

  12. AdamV says:

    How about fully-paid up vouchers, ie ones paid for in advance and/or the ones which come with the self-paced training kits?

    Having paid out for that to get a voucher to cover the cost of the exam it would be a bit annoying if I then can’t use it to pay for the exam itself.

  13. Aaron says:

    Hey When will the 70-600 be available!!!!!!!

  14. Wondering about using with pre-paid vouchers, and also wondering how many times one can use this?  I need to take about 4 exams in the near future, and if I could take advantage of the free second chance for all 4, that’d be great!!  If I can only use the code once, I need to think about which of the 4 I want to use it for.  Thanks!

  15. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    AdamV, trying to get info on prepaid vouchers.

    Still checking on academic.

    John, here is what I read in some advance info: If the customer would like to take multiple exams, how can they get additional voucher numbers? After the customer registers on the Microsoft site for the Second Shot offer, they will receive a confirmation email.  This email will provide them with a link where they can obtain additional voucher numbers if they would like to take additional exams.

  16. JPE says:

    Any idea about where on MS site one should register?

    Ref.: Step 1: Register for Second Shot on the Microsoft site and receive an exam voucher number.

  17. Andre Starkloff says:

    On the Prometric site it says to register with Microsoft to receive the voucher number. Has anybody found the place to register yet?

    Please let me know!

  18. Bill says:

    Will the 2nd Chance include exams like 70-291 or 70-299?

  19. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Irish Mike:

    I don’t recall when exactly 553 and 554 came out in 2006. Send me an e-mail and I can find out exactly.

    Sorry you are getting pissed – I know it is a lot of change. As far as "retire" date for MCPD, there is not one. It will require a ‘refresh’ exam three years from the date YOU earned it (so there will not be one date for everyone). Most likely, you will ‘refresh’ with an exam that jumps you to the latest version of the technology, so you’d update your MCPD and be up on the latest MCTS for VS at the same time. Don’t know details yet – haven’t gotten that info from the planning team. But that is how it works, in theory–MCPD will NOT retire; you will have to take an exam after three years to get everything up to the latest release. I.e. you will not have to start a track all over again, just keep yours up to date.

  20. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Andre, JPE: you will be able to register on or after Sept 15 on the Microsoft Learning site (after that date look on our home page http://www.microsoft.com/learning or on the Prometric link above for the registration page). You can’t register yet.

    I’ll post something, too, when the registration tool is live.

  21. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    RE: Academic

    Second Shot is not applicable to academic exams for the moment (i.e. you can not register for 2nd shot then take an academically priced exam for your first exam—it must be commercial price). However, a separate, similar campaign will launch for academic exams in a few weeks in the U.S. only. Look for more information in October.

    RE: Pre-paid

    Answer I’ve gotten is that no, you can not apply Second Shot to anything but a new exam purchase. But I think people are still poking around about this; I’ll let you know if I hear anything different.

    RE: Other Discounts

    No, Second Shot can not be used in conjunction with any other discounts ala MCT discounts.

  22. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Hey Aaron it will be available on September 24 or 26 or some time right around then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. JPE says:

    Thank you very much for an agile answer 🙂

    PS: if you can make the logo builder and the certification planner in the MCP homepage work for Dynamics NAV certifications as well, I will carry you on my shoulders for one whole day!

  24. Que tal amigos, hace unos dias les mencionaba sobre la promococión "Second Shot" , dicha promoción

  25. Que tal amigos, hace unos dias les mencionaba sobre la promococión "Second Shot" , dicha promoción

  26. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    JPE, your Dynamics certs should be showing up in your transcript and Logo builder on the MCP site. Are they not? Send me an e-mail.


  27. Rob E says:

    Any news on whether we can use this with pre paid exam vouchers yet?

  28. Que tal amigos, hace unos dias les mencionaba sobre la promococión "Second Shot" , dicha promoción

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