There are ants on my desk.

I thought it was just one ant. I squashed him, but have since seen three or four more ants, going about their ant business on my desk. 

What the hell, with these ants.

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  1. as says:

    In my experience, it’s rarely ever ONE ant.  They travel in packs… like wolves… albeit with fewer teeth.  *Cue the amateur entomologist informing me that ants have, like, 12,000 teeth*

  2. Henning says:

    Maybe the german Coding4Fun project "AntMe" is going wild … 🙂

  3. Lee... says:

    The ants are Gods way of paying you back for discontinuing the MCSE qualification, and switching to Prometric as the sole MS test provider!

    If you look closer I’m sure they’ll be lots more. They must have been systems engineers in a former life!

    LOL as I write this 😉

  4. Mike says:

    I had the same thing happen once. It turns out there was an infestation of them in a nearby air conditioner.

    Have a nice day! 😉

  5. Ok, you caught me, Trika.  They are my secret army which I have sent to find out about the newest MCP exam releases in order to help me prepare for them.  Darn.  Wish you hadn’t noticed.

    Ill issue the super secret encrypted retreat signal immediately.

  6. Leonardo says:

    They want to get certified…:-)  

  7. One ant is named "Google", another is named "Apple",…

  8. R00 says:

    All right Trika! Get the candy bars and gummy bears out of the desk…NOW!

  9. Grandmaster Flash says:

    You mean you killed the Queen ant?! Well there’s your problem. First they’ll have to collect the corpse of their former Queen, then they’ll have some kind of EGM or something and you know that’s gonna raise all kinds of problems for ya. Once that’s over the young’uns being more aggressive will be more prone to break off from the agreed plan of action and do their own thing. Now you know, you got two groups of ants looking for revenge. You got trouble!

    Your best bet is to move your office to the best part of the building and if the person who owns the office you’ve just moved into and left all their stuff outside in boxes asks you ‘What are doing in my office? and why is all my stuff outside in boxes?’ all you gotta say is ‘I got ants’

  10. I have a NASA Gel ant farm on my desk… ‘Bout 30 ants digging tunnels as we speak. Pretty soothing.

  11. Pete Calvert says:

    maybe they are looking for something "sweet". 🙂

  12. says:

    Little systems engineers, who only test at VUE!! I love it.

    Pete, maybe they are looking for a skirt.

  13. Wesc says:

    Yay. Ants rock. I have a farm on my desk, and I love each and every one of them with all my wittle heart. I hug them and squeeze them and name them George.

    "I squashed him"


  14. Pete Calvert says:

    Trika, then they should look in your bag under the desk – or is that only at TechEd?

    Or ask you politely – that worked for me 😉

  15. says:

    As: ants have, like, 12,000 teeth. Duh.

    Wesc: I only squashed the one, and that was because he flipped me off.

  16. ant-onymous says:

    > I squashed him

    I guess that makes you a MCSA (Microsoft Certified Squasher of Ants)

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